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An unexpected guest essay

Hmm. Here is something I usually do in my Friendster blog so I'm just bringing forward this post. Due to my insomnia yesterday night, I reminisce about my writing and I found one of my finest essay. I think it is my finest cause it turned out pretty well and it was the first time I ever enjoyed writing an essay for a school examination. Yeah. Another school essay but this time it was not in Convent but in Kampung jambu. I was actually in a very great mood during the exam hence better writing. I can say that it was my favorite memory in Kampung Jambu.

It is best if I stoped yapping and just go straight to the essay. I threw the question paper away so I can only write what the question I chose was all about. "An Unexpected Guest". That was the question and this is the essay:

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The trees were lush with green and the flowers in the garden bloomed with beauty. As I stared out my kitchen window, my heart filled itself with a feeling of pride and I felt a warm breeze of calmness flowing throughout my body.

"Mummy, mummy," I heard Pleuvoir my youngest son calling. I turned around and there he was-standing beside him, a man in his prime, six foot tall with a bright cheerful smile etched on his face-towering over Pleuvoir who was only as tall as my kitchen counters. I stood fixed to the floor as lifeless as a stone statue.

I can't believe its him. After eight years, I thought I would never see him again. I tried to move but I was so confused and the sight of him took my breath away. How could this be possible? It can't be him, it just can't be.

Suddenly, he started to aproach me and I could see his face more clearer now. It was him. I can't deny it anymore. His apple-green eyes burried deep in his forehead, that cute puppy smile I have always love and that sweet face of his. How could I ever forget his features.

Without realising what I was doing, I soon realised that my face was wet with tears and I was hugging the mysterious guest who just entered my house moments ago, without a word spoken. Through my blurry eyes, I saw Pleuvoir running out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

After the embrace, I spoke at last. "I'm so happy to see you again my son. Please forgive me," the tears still running down my cheeks. "No mum, I'm the one who has to apologize and I hope you are willing to forgive me," he spoke with a voice so smooth and low. "I shouldn't have ran away from home after dad left us. I was stupid and foolish to do such a thing without thinking," he continued.

"I was afraid to come home when I heard about Sean's death. It's my fault mum! I should have stayed and taken care of my baby brother, I. " I stoped him there before he could finish talking. "Forget about the past. I have never blamed you for anything. All I ever wanted was for you to come back." I looked into his beautiful green eyes and saw pearly beads of tears falling down his cheeks.

For a moment, we just stared at each other but broke into laughter when Pleuvoir came running into the kitchen with his toy gun and Gooner the dauchshund at his heel.

Okay. Maybe its not that good but its still the finest I've done. At least thats what I'm trying to believe lol. But it has got to be better than my other really outrageous essays that I've posted in my friendster blog before. Well, hope whoever that read this enjoy. And thanks for taking the time to read. )

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