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Cambridge general paper essays

2. ‘Unlike the Arts, such as writing or music, Mathematics lacks the capacity for creativity.’ How far do you agree with this statement?

3. Is there any point in trying to predict future trends?

4. To what extent is it possible to make the punishment fit the crime?

5. Discuss the claim that in the modern world people should

care more about international than national issues.

6. How important is it to save plant and animal species which are in danger of extinction?

7. ‘Scientific research into health and diet is unreliableas it so often contradicts itself.’ Is this a fair comment?

8. How far is increased prosperity for all a realistic goal in your society?

9. Consider the view that spoken language is more important than the written form.

10. Why should we be concerned with current affairs when most of them will soon be forgotten?

11. Education should only be concerned with what is useful in life. Discuss.

12. How far, in your society, should unpopular views be open to discussion?

1. 'Traditional marriage is an outdated concept.' To what extent is this true of your society?

2. How far should firms be allowed to limit their workers' rights when profits are at stake?

3. 'Gambling on sport undermines its spirit and should be banned.' How realistic is this position?

4. Discuss the view that, with an increasing global need for energy, every possible source should be exploited to the full.

5. 'For the majority of people, the Arts are irrelevant to their daily lives.' How true is this of your society?

6. How far is it important for people to be aware of current events in countries other than their own?

7. In times of economic hardship, should a country still be expected to provide financial or material aid to others?

8. Do films offer anything more than an escape from reality?

9. To what extent can the regulation of scientific or technological developments be justified?

10. 'Getting what one wants in life is what matters.' Discuss.

11. Examine the extent to which expenditure on arms and the armed forces is justifiable in the modern world.

12. Consider the view that some careers are better suited to one gender than the other.

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