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Emile zola naturalism essay

1859: Charles Darwin publishes On the Origin of Species

Darwin drops a bomb on us: we might actually be descended from monkeys.

In the preface to this book, Zola announces that he's writing a new type of novel. The scientific novel. There is a method to his madness: the scientific method.

Smallpox gets Nana in this uplifting musical comedy—nope, oops, this grueling depressing novel about poverty and prostitution.

1895: Stephen Crane publishes The Red Badge of Courage

Internal and external battles tear apart Private Henry Fleming during the Civil War.

This isn't just a novel about a quack dentist (or a sadistic, singing dentist ), it's a novel about the struggle for survival.

Even after achieving stardom as an actress, Carrie finds that she's miserable. Didn't we tell you those Naturalists love unhappy endings?

Even rich ladies have it rough sometimes. Lily Bart certainly does in this novel.

Poverty and the cold New England winters are too much for poor Ethan Frome. Throw some star-crossed love in there, and he's a shell of a man.

1925: Theodore Dreiser publishes An American Tragedy

It's a story about one man's fall from grace… and into the electric chair. Uh-oh.

It's a study of American racism and how it warps one young black man's life.

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