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Essay check for plagiarism

Plagiarism has become rampant with the advent of the internet because so many sources are suddenly at our fingertips. With digital content routinely taken without permission, many people simply don’t realize that any original content on the internet is already copyrighted with the DMCA. Serious consequences, like a ruined reputation, academic probation or expulsion, a site’s SEO being compromised, or legal consequences, are all at stake.

The short answer is a resounding yes. There are many available websites that offer free plagiarism-checking services. Who uses these plagiarism checkers? Teachers, students, editors, website or blog owners, and others all use plagiarism-checking software. It provides a quick and easy way to determine academic and professional honesty. Additionally, authors of original material can double-check whether or not their material is truly original. Even if one accidentally plagiarizes, dire disciplinary or legal action can follow because plagiarism has become such a pervasive problem. To combat this, plagiarism checkers have been developed. Cheating has gotten easier but technology is catching up.

Most countries and academic institutions have very strict plagiarism standards that they utilize to bring plagiarizers to justice. Copyright laws are very strict for the implicit reason of discouraging it in every possible way. Consequently, there have been many different methods developed to detect and prevent plagiarism. For instance, most scholarly articles are now only available on the internet for a price. This limits plagiarism in some ways but doesn’t completely solve the problem. For instance, many academic institutions provide their students with free access to scholarly databases like JSTOR. However, the internet should exist as a portal to vast information and knowledge. Requiring payment for an article is undemocratic and does not give people the opportunity to learn valuable information for free. Yet, it remains a paid service to access these sources to curtail unbridled plagiarism.

But there is another way to prevent this. Free plagiarism checkers, like PlagTracker, give a comprehensive free check for any duplicate content. It is much easier than doing a very time-consuming and not very accurate Google search. Plagiarism-checking software can put you at ease knowing that your work is completely original without going through the unpleasant consequences of discovering this after-the-fact. Don’t risk severe punishment and recourse for accidental plagiarism! Put your work to the test with PlagTracker.com!

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