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Essay for kids to read

Reading is an important past-time and is a hobby that has a vast amount of benefits. Reading enables you to learn new things, new words, and new concepts and overall broadens your knowledge about almost everything. By reading, you visit places, in your mind; you would never have the time or the financial means to visit. Reading is something that should be cultivated in children from as early as toddlerhood. It is something that should be cultivated in them when they are forming interests and learning to turn pages. Why is reading so important for children? There are so many reasons as to why children should be given the opportunity to hone their reading.

Children who read get better and better at it. After all, reading is practice. Seeing similar words many times over in a text also increases their vocabulary and spelling prowess. Reading also exercises their brains and is a far better past-time than watching TV. Reading strengthens brain connections and also builds new connections. Reading also improves concentration. Children find it very difficult to concentrate. They can never sit still. However, a child who reads often has the ability to concentrate and focus on that one thing for a long time. This also enables them to concentrate on other factors that require them to sit in one place.

Reading is also the perfect teacher to teach them about the world. By reading and through it, they learn about things outside their comfort zone. They learn that there are people who are different to them, places that are different to the places they know and events that happen outside their experiences. Through reading, these children are exposed to ways of life, ideas and beliefs which are outside their little world. This is very important as many children are unfamiliar with things other than their surroundings. In addition, reading provides children a vast amount of background knowledge and this helps them to grow up into confident adults.

It is a given that reading improves a child’s vocabulary and this in turn leads to highly advanced language skills. The child’s ability to express himself in the appropriate words also enables him to write well, which is extremely necessary when writing essays and reports for school. It is true that reading teaches children new words which make it easier to write. But, it is more than that. Unconsciously, through reading, they also absorb information on how to structure a sentence and how to use words and sentences in the most effective manner.

A child’s imagination is taken to new levels with reading. This happens because the descriptions of people, places and events translate into images in our minds. When reading, children who are engaged a 100% in the task, are able to picture and feel the moods and feelings of the people in the story. This builds imagination.

The importance of reading for children cannot be underestimated. This is a task that parents have to encourage in their children. Reading is not done enough in this new generation with its video games and computer games etc. However, a parent who has encouraged a child to read, and has cultivated the task of reading in the child, has given the child a gift that cannot be measured.

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