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Essay horse mustang

The horse is a very noble animal. It is of great service to man. It is fine four-footed animal. It is famous for its beauty and strength. It has been the companion of man in fighting against the nature.

Image Source: horsebreedsinfoimages/black_horse_running.jpg

The horse has a high head, a long neck and a strong body. It has long hair on its beautiful neck. They are called mane. It has a bushy tail. Its hair of the tail is used in a number of ways. Its skin is smooth and glossy. Its hoofs are hard and solid. Its ears are beautifully set on his head. It is about five feet high. It is white, brown and black in color.

Horses are of many kinds. There are ordinary horses and war-horses. There are horses of hilly countries, the horse of Arabia, central Asia, Africa and Europe, etc. The Arabia horses are famous for their intelligence, swiftness and strength. Australian horses are tall and strong. They are beautiful to look at. But they do not much power of endurance.

The horse is very faithful animal to the master. It is very strong and swift. It is noted for the race. It is very intelligent. It never forgets its master and his home. Its power of smelling and hearing is very strong. It is always fearless and brave. When he is trained, he always obeys his master. It eats grass and corn. Grams are its favorite food. Whenever it is hungry, and sees its master or the groom, he neighs.

The horse is a very useful animal. It is used for many purposes. It carries goods from place to place. It draws carriages. It also used for riding. Europe it draws the plough. In olden times, its service was essential in war times. Cavalry still plays very important part in the modern warfare. In cities and towns, it draws tongas and other light vehicles. It is also used in races. From its hoofs we get glue and from its bones we make handles of knives and forks.

Horses had great importance in the past. The Emperor’s horse in China was the best part of his property. The story of Chaitak is well known to everybody. At the end of the battle of Haldighati, Rana Pratap’s life was in great danger. But Chaitak ran away taking his mater safe. It jumped over a long ditch carried its master beyond the reach of the enemies at the cost of his life.

It requires great skill to train a horse. When it is trained, at the labor spent on the training is fully repaid. In the cavalry, the horses are tough drill. They understand and obey all orders given to them. Horse races are favorite amusement. Huge bets are laid in the famous champion horses. Horses are trained for pegging also. It is really very wonderful to see how they bend as soon as they approach the peg, so that the rider may take it off with the lance.

Horse races and exhibitions are held all over the world. The railways, motors cars and aeroplanes are takings its place. But nothing is as certain as travel by horse. Thus in this mechanical age, the horse has his own utility. We should do our best to retain this useful animal.

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