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Essay if become finance minister

If I were the prime minister of India the first thing I would strive to do would be building the character of the people of India. I believe that all the evils and drawbacks in our country are due to the lack of character in its people, executives, and politicians. Once people improve their character the other things will set in automatically. For example, people wouldn't dare cheat or act corruptly neither would they downtrod women.

First of all, I will confine myself to the prime duty of executing the sustainable goals as a part of my five-year plan schedule, remembering that I was a real executive and the head of the government.

In order get an overall development of the country, I need to concentrate on all the sectors. Instead of confining to the development of the individual sector. Effective and the efficient policies on industries, agricultural, and the other small and territory should come to the reality from their gross roots.

I need to make everyone be aware of what government is doing. also about its strategy, plans, and the other policies.

As India is a country which lies in its villages, so, the development what we are talking about is from its grass roots (villages) by making them self-sufficient and self-reliance.

And also providing villages with the basic amenities like schools, public health centers, transport facilities. and also making everyone accessible to the banks by ensuring banking processes easier for the illiterates too.

Effective governance can be possible only by the group. Cooperation and coordination, so I need to ensure selection of council of members should be fair and also it should be from all fields and communities. moving towards equal representation.

Equally, there is a need to make constant vigilance over governing bodies at every level (central, state and districts) and also to put checks one over the other to terminate corruption and efficient use of funds.

I will make sure myself about guarding human resources through effective policies, instead of concentrating only on subsidies and free distributions. propagating that humans are no way inferior, but they are entrepreneurs.

I'll concentrate mainly on indigenous resources and industries, to promote the welfare of the skilled locals, to reduce the importing levels of the country.

And also it is subsequently important to recognize and support the talents from every field (from science and tec, education, civil societies, agricultural, defense, and sports).

I'll make govt, easily approachable to the people through mass media. And by establishing monitoring institutions at every level starting from the minor and remote areas, and also by the overviewing prosperity of the deprived areas like Northwest, and the states affecting by the insurgencies.

It is equally important to maintain peace internally among the states, by making peaceful accords with the insurgent groups.

Concentrating on external security on par with internal security which is very essential for the harmony of the country.

It is very necessary for a developing country like India to maintain international relations with neighboring and other Westworld and east Asian countries for easy transit and for the recognizable place at world market, but should not be at the cost of the sovereignty of the nation.

Finally, I will never regret at rendering my services anywhere, as I mean my vow of the oath of office by placing my duty over my personal life.

If I would have been prime minister then I would have given my primary focus to eliminate poverty & scarcity of food in India. Rooting out of corruption from India would have been my first goal because in my view no problem can be solved when the officers involved in solving it are themselves corrupted.

If I would be the prime Minister, I will make changes in various systems like PEST (Political, Economical, Social & technology Because this system deals with everyone's part of life.

So first is Political - Nowdays, in politics, various people come to make money, and they forget the main purpose to serve people so I first laid off the people from their work who are corrupted and hire the educated people who wants to do something for nation.

2nd Economical- as we all know India is developing country so I will try to make it from developing to a developed country, through decreasing poverty, inflation.

3rd Social- we are currently having a big gap between socialites, like poor becomes more poor days by day and vice verse.

So I will try to minimize its difference/gap & try to define terms need & greed to people.

4th technology- we are in the 21st century where we are almost using technology in every aspect of our life Eg. Mobile, fridge, computer various advance technologies like android.

So I will make technology available to all class of people freely.

If I will be a prime minister, with no doubt I will try to improve the economic conditions of the country. I will do everything to make our country a developed nation. I will respect to each and every profession. I will not only work for lower caste our low earners but for everyone who need. I will make the base of our country strong. I will work not only to have a better future but believe in the present and do for the present. If I would be a prime minister. I will.

If I was the Prime minister, the first thing I will take action on corruption issues and leave no one who is involved, will bring the every penny and use it to develop our country. Will give powers to Court to take fast actions. Will provide latest machines and all the necessity to our defense system. There will be no caste system everyone should be equal no one should be judge by caste. Will provide employment and set basic ground rules to pay the employee's and on time promotions. Will motivate farmers by introducing them new farming techniques. Education will be must & free for the students till 10th. Government offices will be working under CCTV camera. Corruption will be totally stopped. Rules broken will be punished strictly for all, will take necessary measures to stop crime and will motivate women in every field to become entrepreneur's, will also provide schemes for old age people and treatment will be totally free at Govt hospitals.

If I was the prime minister, I want my country always telling the truth and having a majority with each and no one be illiterate or poor. For this I do my best and I want to saw the smile in my country people for this I can do anything and no one fight with each other all people live together with only happiness in their life.

Hello, everyone! Being a prime minister is a very prestigious and responsible task. If I was a prime minister I would introduce educational schemes to increase the literates in our country and I will try my best to wipe out corruption and I support majorly for agriculture as it is a backbone of our country.

To be the Prime Minister of a country is a matter of pride. He can wake or mar the country.

I wish I were the Prime Minister of India so that I might serve my country in a most humble manner. The Prime Minister enjoys the highest place in the Government of India, next to the President of India. However, in reality, it is the Prime Minister who does everything on the behalf of the President of India. It is, therefore, that I wish I could serve my country as Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister serves the country selflessly and with great devotion and sacrifice. The welfare of the country is always uppermost in his mind. He is always concerned about it. Day in and day out he thinks of the poor, downtrodden masses of the country and wants to improve their lot quite earnestly.

As a Prime Minister of India, I would see that poverty vanishes from this land forever and people get at least two square meals a day. I would also see that illiteracy is removed from the masses and all the people acquire the knowledge of three R's. I would make education free for all up to middle classes.

As a Prime Minister, I would work to bring about communal harmony in the country. People would not fight in the name of religion, caste or language. I would take effective steps to check communal riots. My next step would be to fight corruption which is rampant these days throughout the country. I would not let the public money be wasted.

If I were the prime minister. I will make the school for poor's. My first. Target is to finish corruption. I will only work for people well. I do that our country wants. I will make the relationship with other countries. I will also start campaign such as make India neat and clean. I will make India more hi-tech. I will also expand my country and build more cities, school, hospitals, and many more things.

If I would be a PM, I will first remove the corruption from this country and will establish a peaceful and quiet environment. I will invest in the infrastructure of this country and will also invest in the Indian Army. Since agriculture is the backbone of our country, so I would also help the farmers to raise the loan amount to them. I would encourage youth to create useful things which would make this country like a god-gifted. After reading this, please don't say that everyone says so!

If I were Prime Minister of India, I would like to see my country prospering with all the needs that it wants. I would like to do all the good deeds I can do. Our country India suffering from all the evils prevailing today such as poverty, corruption, child labour etc. Removing all these would be my first target. I would not make promises like our leaders because promises are done by many but actions are done by none. A country living with peace and harmony is my one of the mission. As we all know that a book can not be judged by its cover similarly my views can only be judged by my deeds.

If I were Prime minister, I would lead the country according to our constitution. Being a Prime minister, I would focus on few things on the priority basis and these things are:-.

1- Education & Employment:- A country can be developed if it's population is educated and given opportunities to all the people based on their education and skills without discrimination.

2- Terrorism & Corruption:- Terrorism and Corruption have been increasing drastically in India. I would try to strengthen the army and special forces to deal with these issues strictly. I would make people understand that how to deal with these issues and ask them not to relate terrorism and corruption with any religion.

3- Women Safety:- It has become the major problem in India so I would make new reforms and rules keeping women safety in mind. I would make Judo and Karate classes mandatory for all girls and create 24/7 helpline numbers for them so that help can be provided timely.

4- Transport and Medical facilities:- These two things are most important in the development of a country. I would connect each and every village with the metro cities. All governments hospital should be equipped with all modern medical facilities and with skilled doctors.

5- Agriculture:- Agriculture sector contributes a lot towards Indian economy and growth. I would promote the agriculture sector in all Indian areas and financial help should be provided to all farmers at lower interest rate.

Conclusion:- All these things are possible if our political system works according to the Indian constitution and every Indian put their efforts towards the Indian growth.

If we want our India to be developed then first we need to stop all fights in the name of religion.

If I were a prime minister, first I would look back what are all the policies that are taken for welfare of the people previously and how effectively those were implemented and what was it results. If it was not succeeded on implementation, I will analyze for root cause of failure and if necessary will enhance those policies for betterment of the people. Then I will start to implement my short term and long term goals.

Long term Goals. Now a days caste reservation plays a major role in getting seat in school/college. I will try to eradicate caste reservation in education and reduce fee structure by which all classes of people should get their education and gets benefits out of it.

If number of literate people increases in country, there will be un employment problem. For that I would encourage youths to start their own business by getting loan at ease with less interest and flexible pay back schemes which would reduce unemployment problem.

Short term goals: Immediate solution is required for corruption and terrorism and fishermen getting killed in coastal lines. Corruption, which can be avoided by making all transactions and payments to government via online and all signatures and seal can be made digital signature, by which we don't need to wait for long time in any tahsildar office/any government offices for getting signatures by bribing them.

Safety will be ensured in all borders and permanent agreement will be made with near by country for border crossing issues.

Women safety will be ensured in all aspects with empowerment of Police department. Monthly visit to all cities to address all issues faced by people and will try to provide solution to it.

Encouraging export by reducing taxes and influence foreign companies to start their branches to resolve unemployment problems. I will accomplish all those goals if I were given a chance as Prime minister of India. JaiHind!

If I would become the prime minister of India, first I would thank god for giving me such a great opportunity as a prime minister.

First of all I would have set up a short term and long term goal accordingly.

As we all know that India is a democratic country.

All the Indians has the equal right to live their life in India.

The Most 5 things that I would have concentrate is,

1. Corruption is playing a vital role in today's global as it has become like a business in government sectors.

Indians are facing huge problems due to corruption.

2. Terrorism has become a competition at present to take revenge. Where in some one does the mistake a it has to be face by all the people.

3. Poverty & Unemployment is a main thing to survive being as an Indian. Students are facing lot of difficulties after being graduates, Master graduates and etc. They are not getting proper jobs.

Due to unemployment people are facing poverty and because of this India is still a developing country.

When unemployment comes to an position and gives the opportunity for a students then automatically we can find the poverty change.

Agriculture is a back bone of India, but we are not providing facilities to our Farmers as we are loosing our respected Farmer's. They are suicide themselves.

Need to provide them loan facilities on very less interest so that farmers can survive and keep the agriculture alive.

When Unemployment and Poverty comes to stable then education level will automatically change. Open NGOs and support them for poor people so that they can be educated and achieve their aim and dream.

5. Women safety and Crime is a major today we are facing in India.

Misbehaving and taking advantage with women's in public transport and etc, has become like a culture.

It's time to change people's mind and raise a voice against crime.

Hence I conclude that these are the major things which has to be taken into consideration to develop our country.

If I become the PM of India, I will set my long term and short term goal.

Long term: Dealing with the poverty, Safety and employment. I did not mention about the education because giving the food and shelter for one will makes him to feel safety and to ensure it, they will concentrate on the education automatically, and once they get the proper education than it will leads to proper employment.

And Agriculture is the back bone of our country, so I will provide the low interest loan for the farmers to cater the cultivation and most importantly introduce the insurance plan for them in order to help them in them in natural calamities and motivates them to continue without worrying. And regarding the women's safety, I will make the basic judo, karate and all compulsory for all the school going girl, it will make them both physically and mentally strong.

Short-term: Concentrating about the infrastructure, making strict rules against the corruption and bribery, giving the basic education for all the politician in the legislative assembly and most importantly as a way of giving honour to the defense people providing the book about our defense system to the school kids containing their achievements and also the pictures of the warriors who died for our country, so it will motivates them and create the awareness among them. And provide the electricity, sanitation and transport facility all over the India.

Thank you for all the participants who contributed their valuable information and also wishing the best to become the future PM of India. Because giving the idea is better, implementing is best and taking on our own hands and working on it is great.

If I become the prime minister of India, the first and the foremost thing which I would like to do is completely eradicating poverty. What is poverty? It means people who lack in basic needs of life, such as food, shelter, clean water, proper sanitation, regular job for money, medical facilities and last but not the least, proper place to live.

According to current statistics, India is one of the country which has the largest concentration of poor in the world. Obviously the work of the prime minister is to satisfy the needs of the people and to serve for the people. If I get a chance to be the prime minister of India, I would make rules in such a way that it reaches people all over the country. I will make survey about the rich sections of the society and their monthly income.

There should be certain limits of their monthly income. If their monthly income crosses the limit, then there should be a rule stating that " if you cross the limits then 50% of that money should be paid to the government. If this happens then the government gets more money and that money can be used to build houses, schools provide poor with enough food. There are so many people in our country who do not pay the taxes and keep the money for themselves.

There should be certain limits for the assets too. If they are in that limits then the prices of that land also will reduce. If the prices of the land reduces then even the people who are from the poor family can get that. But even if these rules are brought, we cannot eradicate poverty. It is possible only if we are united. These thoughts should be there in each and every citizen of India! Let's hope for the best !

If I will be the prime minister I will focus on 3 major problems in our country. i.e Education, safety, employment. Poverty I didn't mention because by giving money and building home to them will not protect them from poverty. Here in India, the main thing you have to focus most is education and employment.

If everyone get educated the safety rate will increase and if everyone get employment. Poverty will decrease. Secondly I will destroy the reservation system from my country. Because it effects all the society. Whether in judiciary. Politics or education or employment every things. This should must be vanish.

Thirdly all the schools should be common for everyone. I mean only government school should be there will highly experienced and skilled teachers. With dress-code including students. I will mostly care on farmers. Their agriculture and livelihood.

And all the rules for standing for leaders should be changed. Like youngsters should be motivated for coming in politics. And all leaders should highly educated without any criminal records. And they should be physically fit and their family background should also be tested. Their dress should be changed. Like modern and developed and digital India.

All the police should also be required like the army. All should be trained like army and should be highly paid. And black money should be brought and all the leaders of this related money should be jailed for life imprisonment.

In all the schools particularly for girls. Martial arts should be provided. And in every field of sports. Students should be motivated according to their choice of interests. This will create a new India and highly developed India.

If I were the pm I would had given education to all the people their would no be syllabubs like state, ICSE, CBSE every one should learn all the languages especially English I would allot more funds to develop infrastructure at villages.

If I was the finance minister I would have done to destroyed the wines factories and would have serve for the people according to their requirement. I will build a shelter for those people who raise their hand towards others for food. I will definitely concentrate on both education and agriculture, Both stands in equal range.

Because the more the population more the food consumption. So suppliers are trying to supply food using artificial methods. In olden days people were not suffering from rare diseases. So educated people thinking in a special way why then can think they can do some agriculture in their house to some extent.

I will keep my self just like the greatest servant of India. I will keep my country with strong army. I will provide more founds for education and I will establish schools in each village.

If I were the Prime Minister, I would be proud to do any work that really uplifts the country. In India, there are major problems of unemployment, poverty, and also illiteracy. Why have landlords to control the unemployed, and why should the rich control the poor? All this should be abolished in my opinion.

If I will become Prime Minister, then I will reduce the poverty and improve education system of our country. I will give free basic education to whole country. I will help the farmer by increase the rate of their crops and gave the facilities to farmer on their basic necessities give them loan at low interest.

I will abolish the caste system because of prefers on the caste the deserve candidate does not get opportunity to get admission in collage or job. I will change our political system I will allow to stand only educated people for election. Most of our minister are illiterate and educated people are unemployed.

I will make the system as that one student who is teenager can earn with his/her study. I will bring all the money from foreign country. I will not allow the government employee to involvement any private business specially minister.

If I were the prime minister of India, I would make India a strong country. I would make Indian forces the most powerful in the world. I would like to remove poverty and unemployment from India.

I would take steps for the improvement of agriculture. I would give old age pensions and unemployment allowance to the needy people. I would set up small scale industries in different parts of the country. I would control the black marketing and hoarding of essential commodities.

I would establish peace with the neighboring countries. I would create an atmosphere of friendship all over the country.

If I am a prime minister, I would think of development of India by abolishing corruption. I would not make politics over SC/ST votes for next revision. Development comes from Good Human resource not from one person only, where there is team is good then team leader performance is good, all the government service holder gets more money than that private job holders, all government employees do less works as comparison to private job holders. Why is it so? Where there is talent team there is more development.

I should encourage SC/ST people for education & training in respect of finance not in quota. If a doctor get a job in quota how could he give treatment to his patients? like this. No quota for any one. Who have talent come first. Where is it written that all SC/ST are poor & all OBC/General are rich? Why all govt employees takes bribe, keep people wait for their work. If they are for public service what kind of public service is that? If they are getting more/first money then there should be first work. Where is this? So I should keep eyes on it.

Secondly there should be one noticeable thing is that for a office peon it requires a qualified graduates or intermediate. They for Sarpanch or any other politician don't need any qualification. It means they are politician from their born so there might be not any requirement of qualification. Women politician-why they keep their husband in their sit for administering. If not able to participate they should not come in their sit. So these things I would look first for rectification.

If I were prime minister, I would lead very very simple life. No security, travel in buses, trains and certainly will not waste people's money by inviting foreign nationals for swearing in ceremony (even Jawahar Lal Nehru did not do this though it was first time) will not see other countries free of cost (by spending hard earned money of citizens). Will not make any promises and boast about my government.

I agreed if India want to grow we have to bring lot of revolution in respective fields, and sectors. According to my thought if we provide very rich and costly education to poor people we can try to get good output in their area and their culture.

Because there is no use to give costly education to rich people because they have money. If I become a PM I will put my 100% efforts to restrict child beggars and beggars in India, because if we encourage them we are the reason for declining of nation.

Hi, guys if I was a PM, I would have given strict punishments to the rapist, The leaders who earned black moneys will suspended, Education & Jobs for children should be made compulsory, The unemployed will be given jobs so that they may not go for terrorism or robbery.

First I will improve the condition of our country like education. I will start the cbse system. Our country is becoming corrupted. I want help of our Indian citizen. If we will do the work like a team so I think our country will become developed.

If I was Prime Minister, I want to delete systems like child labour, corruption and increase. Funds like loan recovery, scholarship and develop country by building roads and giving food and.

Shelter to poor people and increase wages for workers. Save water by digging rain water pits. By this we can develop our country.

What I feel is if I was the prime minister of my country my first priorities would be economic development and a main focus on the defence of the country. Another important thing would be developing human resources. I would invest more and more on the education of the new generation.

The root of all problems is religious division which should strictly be removed. Another thing to be removed is the reservation system which stops the deserving candidate to develop and becomes a problem for human resource development. I shall create new employment opportunities and also work towards alleviating poverty in the country.

I know it cannot be achieved overnight, but sustained efforts towards this will surely prove fruitful within a certain period. I shall also give importance to maintain good relations with countries with great economy. I would give my 100% to make India a developed country from a developing country.

If I were a PM I would like to collect more funds and develop the poor people. Poor people are becoming so poorer. They doesn't have any facilities no one are caring them. Money which is collected by the people is not going correctly to them. That's why they are suffering like that.

If we do correctly to them it will be very easy to them to live very happy. This is my dream to help poor. So if I become pm definitely I will do this.

Well my friends I am not going to say if I was prime minister of India then what I would have done, but if I would become prime minister of India then I would do following works:

1. Take a serious action on corruption by making the anti-corruption laws strict & stronger.

2. Make education system equal for everyone. No religious will allowed to teach in school.

3. By providing Financial helps to farmers, I will re-boost agricultural sector.

4. Will minimize poverty and unemployment by providing jobs in various sectors.

5. Will make a Eco-friendly environment for women by providing security & job.

6. Take serious action in jammu & Kashmir issue.

If I would be the prime minister of India I would remove black money from Swiss bank and use in establishing in development of school hospital and remove corruption and take our India on top of America, Russia, and etc and I would decrease the poverty line.

If I am the prime minister of India. I have so many ideas to implement for the development of our country. Now our country needs more funds for the development but it takes more time. Since from after the independence our country developing country. When we say our country is well developed or developed.

If I were the prime minister of India. First, I took the step against the corruption and I will start it from the all the government institutes. Because in India all the things goes wrong and the reason why India is a called poor country is only the corruption.

The second thing I do is to come back the black money from the swiss bank and used it as to establishment hospitals, educational institutes and also provide jobs to the unemployed people.

Hai dear, If I became a India prime minister, than first of all, I will decreasing the poverty, and I will try to bring black money from switch bank into India, and I will remove the corruption and remove the unemployment problem and give to opportunities youth generation, and totally my all work to be for my country.

If became the prime minister of India, I will do some works given below:.

1. I firm against corruption.
2. I will help to farmers by financially.
3. I will try to increase the percentage of literacy.
4. I will give jobs for well educated people who have no jobs according to their skills.

Corruption is the major problem in India. If corruption is removed India will definitely become a developed country. I will remove the corruption and poverty. I abolish child marriages. I punish the people who did not sent their children to school. I severely punishes the people who committed robber and murder. I would be given jobs to educated people and scholarships to the students. I will overcome the shortage of water and food in rural and urban areas.

If I were a finance minister first of all I will increase the fund for education. Today education plays the important role in molding the student. I think underdeveloped students or students belonging to rural should also get educational. Next I will make reforms in health funds. Our country is not spending enough funds on health. They are spending only 7 to 8% in their budget. I will increase as their enough norms. If I were a prime minister I must abolish bribe which make our country striving from poverty and unemployment. Mainly black money will abolished. I have been dreaming of many reforms but it is impossible to become an FM or PM.

First I have some ideas I will put forward to people by discursing with ministers. By following steps I will try to change India.

Step 1. I will inform to all political leaders who had earned more money with in less time should submit all documents and calculation how he earned. Then I will remove the person who had earned by corruption.

Step 2. Then I will find people who are living in villages and not getting power and unable to get water, food, shelter, I will submit these things to people who are not getting it.

Step 3. Then I will look after the agricultural people and I will provide money to them to yield. Agricultural was main work in INDIA. Without agriculture there no people live in INDIA. So I will develop all agricultural people.

Step 4. Next Every common person should join their children in school. I will provide corporate school to them. Every child should be literate. For coming days there should be illiterate. Then our country will be forward than other countries.

Step 5. Job will be given to people who are eligible. Now a days every job selling the person who had money he will get job easily without any eligible such person will punished.

Step 6. Womens were facing many problems like gang rapes, acid attacks, killing them etc. These all will be taken in action I will punish the people very rudely who had come across it. Then I will show or come to know the people the punishment will be severe. So by this I will decrease the attempts.

There still many the above are main. By this I will develop our INDIA.

It is very easy to say that if I'm the Prime Minister I will do this and this. As India is a big country with huge population the work must be done in a systematic way. No government can change the phase of India in just 5 years. It actually needs a decade for it.

According to me there are many problems in India which can be removed easily but can take time.

1). Corruption - Most of the politicians are corrupted and have criminal cases pending in courts. If the ruling government is under me than I will try remove these politicians. There will be a threshold knowledge which will be required to full fill the dreams of becoming a politician. No 'FALTU AADMI' can become a politicians until and unless they have a proper knowledge. Age restriction will be there. No one above 65 years of age can be INDIAN POLITICS. I will also try to increase the noIAS examinations so that they can be more then the helping hand in INDIAN DEMOCRACY.

2). Economy - Agriculture is the biggest support to the India's economy right now. Will try improve their methods of irrigation. More technology to be built in India only to help Farmers. FDI will be restricted to 50%. Local Businessmen can ask for the help Government so that they increase their business.

3). Infrastructure- Now most of the cities are divided into new and old. New cities have good infrastructure but if we see the old cities they don't. Better roads to be provided in these cities. Instead of making a good road a better road I will try to make a bad road change into a good road. Slum areas will be removed and government houses to be provided for those people. Proper drainage system to be provided.

4). Education and Jobs - I will try to make more of a world class universities which will make into the top 10 best universities. Helping the small businessmen to increase their business so that they can provide more jobs and these short businesses can tackle the world class MNC's here. By this our businessmen will not be neglected and foreign companies can also do their best to retain their position by taking more people.

5). If we see in today's scenario India's neighboring countries are going against us.

A word of dialogue will be made and a group of neighboring countries to be made so that they can help each other instead of having a fight on borders.

7). More dams to be made but keeping in mind that it does not hurt the feeling of locals.

If I were a prime minister of India then I will do following things.

(1). Stop the foreign company to come in India and taking away money from our country and those who already working in that area becomes jobless.

(2). I will allot special funds to our farmer to increase agriculture product because India can become developed country if we will do agriculture.

(3). I would pass strong law against corrupted people and against those who is doing rape.

(4). I would make women self sufficient so they don't have to depends on others and it will also increase the economics condition of India.

(5). I would change the reservation law from caste basis to economics condition basis.

If I was a Prime Minister of India, I am towards to my Goal for the people of India!Candidates who employed as a Cabinet Minister of India they should be a educated person. As a Woman Prime Minister, I would prefer 50% of cabinet minister from Women. When women is sexually abused, the person who cause for the situation they should get severe punishments. I will develop our nation with the help of youngster from India. For that, I give huge job opportunity for all Youngsters. So they would not prefer to go abroad!People who is living in rural area I give basic education to all of their children!

If I become the pm of my country then firstly this is my dream to work for my country & for my citizen. I will give house, food, and cloth for poor person which do not have these things then I have to give equal rights to poor &richer, women&man then I will kill untouchability. Then I will manage the rule of my country. And I think it would be great to see you if you get proper job, food and many other things that was given to you in proper manner.

If I will become PM of India. I will do the following things:

1. I will make higher secondary education mandatory for all politicians.
2. I will remove caste basis reservation from everywhere and make it on economic basis.
3. I will pass a rule that no family can have more than two children.
4. I will stop theoretical examination system and no examination till class 5.
5. I will make secondary education must for girls.

If I became the pm of India so first of all I will know everything about India then I will think from where I should start. I will try to remove the bad evils like corruption poverty castes etc. I think pm is the second man of India. If a pm wants so he can do everything. I will try to increase the mutual friendship to abroad. In this way I will try best so that India called jagatguru again. I will announced that who persons do corruption he has stick punishment. I will settle on the road. I will try to increase the education system of India. I will help the poors and farmers. I can do everything which can I do so that many person says with proud that he is an indian.

If I were a prime minister of India. Its a very good luck of me because post of Prime Minister is very responsible and highest post in India. Firstly I will change the education system of India. Because India' people suffering from unemployment. Indian Peoples and student get degree in easy ways but they don't use the degree for employment basic reason is education quality. In villages and town mostly school don't teach with effort and student also come in school only for take food. So how to get job with our degree. So I will follow the cbse pattern for student in all over India.

If I became the pm of my country then first of all I will stop all the corruption and make my country a corruption free country. Being a child of only 09 years I am from now being worried for my country's future. Though I don't do the corruption, I stop the people from being unemployed and that's why I don't have any reason to blame the government.

Is always have a dream of a country where people don't feel there life as a burden. The farmers of India are still killing themselves as the loan they had taken from the bank they are not able to pay them back due to high rate of EMIs. I could only wish that my India is free from every problems.

If I'm the prime minister of India I'll make new rules.

1. Every one can study and choose the subject as their wish (if one has interest in music, he just needed to study music alone from the 1st std. Itself, no need of studying physics, maths, chem. Etc.

2. Everyone must serve their country at least 3 years.

3. Every private corporate must have staff buses and every staff should have make use of it (hence the usage of petrol can be reduced to a great extent & value of Indian currency can be increased).

4. Capital punish should be given to terrorist and rapist.

5. MLAs MPs should have a minimum qualification (degree in sociological works).

6. Immediate dismissals and imprisonment for corruption.

If I were the Prime Minister, first of all I will try to solve all the pending cases in India and later on focus on the education as today's children are tomorrow's citizen. I will try to sweep out the corruption which was deeply rooted in India and try to maintain good relationships with the other countries. I will make many changes in the politics. I will make a article that any one with crime records should not enter into the politics.

-> Put an end to corruption.
-> Increase the percentage of literacy and.
-> Remove poverty.

Many of the Indians the most talented are moving to other countries for recognition, this is because of the corruption and reservations.

Corruption can be controlled to some extent by maintaining transparency regarding the utilisation of funds. People should know how the money they are paying in the form of taxes are being utilised by the government. A website should be created where the people can get all the information about the utilisation of the funds. The people can only know whether the money which the government allotted for a particular purpose is properly utilised or not in they find any misuse of this resource they need to all the access to keep it before the higher officials and media this can make the government alert all the time and use the money properly.

Reservation should be provided based on the income of the individual earnings not based on the caste. It is the money which is not allowing a student to fulfill his dream of education not the caste. If I am successful in doing so the literacy percentage increases and their contribution will lead to the development of the country.

A hungry man can only know the value of the food in the same way an educated person can only the importance of education for the development of the country. So every politician should be an educated person without any remarks throughout his career.

If I would get a chance to become PM of India few things I would which is very necessary.

1- Create job for youth by establishing companies by using own recourse and technology. So that talent from our country not go outside as well as people get job.

2- Build good infrastructure, research institutes.

3- Get rid of corruption, solve the matter of J & K, investigation of black money, control crime.

There are many problem but some how they are related to above.

If I were a prime minister the first and foremost thing is to put corruption out of my country, because corruption suppress the growth of the country. And I will not give any way to hide black money, because tax plays a important role for the development of the country. Now a days the major problem we face today is fall of rupee value its due to less export and more import, even though we export our goods, people bye our goods for cheap price. So necessary steps will be taken by me to increase the value of our rupees.

Another major problem is that even though education was become mandatory here many people were illustrate, so strict and necessary steps will be taken by me. In our country education system is uneven it should be changed.

If I was the prime minister I would not allow the gays to take over the country. In the first place I would make sure that my country is self reliant. I would make jobs for all those that are unemployed. I will feed the poor. Today education plays an important role in molding the students.

I 'll first evaluate the needs of every Indian resident and total human and natural resources available to fulfil these needs. Then I will try to remove 'uneven distribution of resources' among the population.

To make India Independent in all aspects and in real sense, I would Introduce an Act to increase the share of Indian Investors in each and every field of Investment and Production. Ideally it should be at least above 85%. Vice versa I would Limit the foreign Investment below 15%. (Actually we are able to do well in all those fields in which we have surrendered our self among foreign Investors).

I would establish Government Controlled Industry and big farms. I will make local co-operative societies of workers and engineer to run these production units smoothly. With the passage of time these production units will be wider and wider merging private sector in its own jurisdiction. I will decrease the black money by restricting the Incomes to the point of ones need.

If I were the Prime Minister of my country! I have so many schemes in mind for the development of my country. I would put into practice all the following schemes.

In the first place, my country is very poor. There is a large number young boys and girls, men and women uneducated in our country and they cannot make distinction between good and bad, right and wrong. First of all will restrict child labor and secondly, I make education free and compulsory so that children can go to school. Now-a-days, education is not of a uniform character. I shall see that there are only good schools and all boys and girls whether rich or poor, get the same education. There should be no corruption in education. I shall keep my country strong by keeping a strong army. The strength of the Indian army will keep others away from our borders. I would not like to start a war but would not allow anybody to walk over our defenses.

I shall strive to keep good relations with all countries. I shall try to have friends. I shall have such relations with other countries as will enhance our prestige abroad.

This is possible only when we are internally strong. Internal strength depends on the economic development of a country. I shall try to make India as much self-sufficient as possible. My first care will be self-sufficiency in food. I would work all my might to raise the status of my country.

If I become a pm of india, than first of all, I will remove corruption, and I will try to bring black money from switch bank into india, and I will remove coste reservation, I will give to reservation who is real eligible for it. I will remove the unemployment and give to opportunities youth generation, and I see to my country and feel poor person problem and remove it, totally my all work to be for my country.

The Prime Minister of India, aha! The highest executive of the largest democracy of the world, what a promising position, what a status, and Oh! What laurels.

If I was to be the Prime Minister of India, the first and most difficult thing I would deal with would be the building of the character of the people of the nation. I feel that, all the drawbacks and failures of the country and its people are, mainly due to the lack of character of its people, its Executives, its politicians and all others.

Now developing characters is not something that can be done in a day or something that can be imposed on a generation. There is no magic cure for this malady which is inherent in the Indian scene.

I would also try to ensure infusion of patriotism in the younger generation. Sometimes I really wonder at the whereabouts of our patriots of the early decades of this very Century, where are they, and have we stopped producing the like now?

Besides all this, I would ensure that social changes are brought about evenly throughout the country, keeping in mind beautiful blend of our culture and the western ethos.

I would send peace delegations to all the neighbours and invite them on peace missions to India. I do think that such activities would yield satisfactory results and we would have friends all around.

Firstly I want to say that if I were prime minister of india, I will make a strict rule for avoiding and stop corruption, like jan lok pal bill. Because corruption is the main root of poverty, illiteracy and main obstacle of developing India. If our country become free from corruption then our country developed in a few time. Because government provide lot of facilities but due to corruption it is not conduct in a good way and time. Nowadays everybody corrupt in own way. If I was a pm then first I will remove reservation and caste system because due to reservation many talented students can't good opportunities. Second I will create new job opportunities for unemployed people. My special goal will on education because anyone can do nothing without it.

If I was the prime minister first of all I have provide the three basic things to the poor people, then after I concentrate on giving more funds to education and employment. Because these are the things necessary for a country to be developed.

Firstly I want to say that if I were prime minister of india, I will make a strict rule for avoiding and stop corruption, like jan lok pal bill. Because corruption is the main root of poverty, illiteracy and main obstacle of developing India. If our country become free from corruption then our country developed in a few time. Because government provide lot of facilities but due to corruption it is not conduct in a good way and time. Nowadays everybody corrupt in own way.

Hi guys, first of all I would say that its a really good topic. If I was a pm than first I will remove reservation and caste system because due to reservation many talented students can't good opportunities. Second I will create new job opportunities for unemployed people. My special goal will on education because anyone can do nothing without it. I will do some uses for reduce inflation so people will get things in their budget. And at last I will do tough on police system so citizens will feel safe.

If, I was a Finance Minister or Prime Minister, 1st thing I was going to do was getting back BLACK MONEY from foreign banks and use it in good way. I use to use in Developing Resources because we got a lot of resource in our country especially Solar Energy Wind Energy Tidal Energy and A rich Water. Solar & Wind Energy can be produce Electric in Rajasthan because of wild winds in Desert & Sun light Directly Falls on Rajasthan so solar Energy through this in our country we will never have Power Problem.

Water As resource. If we Mix all Rivers in Water then in India never water problem is going to be.

I become the pm or cm, I will try to make equality in the nation. In India there is unequal distribution of wealth richer are becoming more richer & poor are becoming more poor. To avoid this we have to convert black money to white by making utilization money in right manner which helps in development of poor people. Another important thing is to make educate the poor & village people. This helps them to understand what is right & wrong, they take decision of their own. They start doing innovative things for their family income which inturn helps in development of Indian economy.

If I was a Prime minister, Firstly I just put an inquiry committee on each and every scheme which is provided for poor people by government. We have many schemes to help poor people but it was not implementing in a right way in right time. I recruit well educated people for inquiry committee who can serve the society in a right way. I serve the people who really require support from govt.

Second, reservation should not be based on caste it should be based on financially backward people and education qualification.

In each and every caste we have rich and poor people then why the government implementing this reservation scheme for specified caste. I just change this system.

How I wish I were the Prime Minister of my country! I have so many schemes in mind for the upliftment and development of my country. If I were the Prime Minister, I would put into practice all the following schemes.

In the first place, my country is very poor. Millions of people live in extreme poverty. I would take all steps to do away with poverty. I would see to it that the poor were able to lead a decent life. They would not lack any of the necessities of life-food, clothing and shelter. I would also have schemes for the improvement of national health. Then my people would be happy and healthy.

Another great drawback in our country is ignorance and illiteracy. Many people do not know how to read and write. I have plans to educate the people and make them responsible citizens. Next I, would impose heavy taxes on the rich and use the money to help the nation. It is not fair that a few rich people should live in luxury and the rest should be extremely poor. My aim is to do away with the great disparity in income that exists at present between the rich and the poor. I would severely punish those who take bribes or are black marketers. Corruption would be stamped out altogether.

A problem which is neutralizing all efforts to improve the standard of living of the masses is that of over population. In 1951 when the first census after the partition of the country was taken, population was somewhere about thirty five crores. But as General Smuts of South Africa contemptuously, though with some truth in it, remarked "Indians breed like rabbits. " We have by now more than doubled the 1951 figure and there is no knowing what figure will replace this when we bid good bye to this century. Something urgent has to be done to arrest this alarming growth. It will be my first duty as Prime Minister to turn to this problem of population growth and tackle it on a war footing.

Another aim of mine is to make our country self-sufficient and self-reliant. I know that we cannot rely on ourselves for everything. Yet I would make people realize that we should depend on ourselves as far as possible.

Though I believe in peace and non-violence, I would strengthen my country's defense. We must be prepared to defend ourselves in case of foreign attack. I would have compulsory military training for all boys up to the age of twenty-one. ' Then we will never be taken unawares. We will be able to meet and successfully repel all foreign attacks.

If I were prime minister first thing is give importance to the education field, because the future population is full of youths. Youths are future leaders, they should need very good education. According to the survey two third of the population is young generation. For them free education provided.

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