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Essay life beggar

Begging, in ordinary circumstances, is a worst sin. It is against the principle of self-respect. People of self-respect sometimes allow themselves to die in starvation, but hey never allow themselves to beg. Unfortunately, the number of such people are very small, So, we see beggars moving from door to door, beggars at the station and but stands, beggars before the gates of hotels, beggars before the restaurants, beggars on the sides of road and beggars in the places of pilgrimage. The Indian beggars are found everywhere in India.

Image Source: goastreetswp-content/uploads/2015/05/Beggar-at-Dambula-Rasterized.jpg

In ancient times the Hindu society admitted begging for medicants and their students. The students were allowed to beg for their teachers. But they were never called beggars. They were received with high respect. The householders thought themselves highly fortunate to receive them. But the later medicants got degenerated and wanted to make money out of begging. They also conducted money lending business out of this fund. Some people now pose themselves handicapped and beg. Some able-bodied persons beg on different pretexts. They say that their house is burnt or their crops are flooded or they have been pick-pocketed. But they have been saying so for years together. They beg because begging as a profession is profitable. Sometimes we hear of organized begging. Besides them, there are the blind. the limbless people and the lepers who take to begging. Because they cannot live without begging. All such types of beggars are the Indian beggars.

The daily routine life of the Indian beggar can never be significant. He gets up in the morning. He begs for the whole day. he does not approach the rich capitalists. He does not approach the rich capitalists. He never goes to the storied buildings. He goes generally to the lower middle-class householders. Because, he can expect any help from this class of people. His daily income is varied. The beggars in towns have divided the zones among them. In the railway train two beggars do not come to the same compartment. Because there the beggars have formed a kind of society and have developed some professional custom among themselves. the Indian beggar is poorly dressed. He lives in a very unsanitary condition.

Begging is a very bad thing, Government should make law to stop begging. But before doing so the Government should make arrangements to rehabilitate these beggars and to give work to the able-bodied beggars. Begging has been stopped by law in many civilized countries. India should not drag in such an ugly profession.

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