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Essay on apollo the greek god

Zeus hardly requires any introduction. He is one of the most popular figures in Greek mythology. Zeus is known as the 'Father of Gods' or 'Ruler of Gods' or even the 'Chieftain of Gods'. He lived on Mount Olympus and reigned over the heavens. The meaning of name Zeus roughly translates as 'clear sky'. Apart from being the lord of heavens, he is the God of weather, especially lightening.

Greek mythology has endowed Zeus with several peculiarities and qualities. He is always seen with a thunderbolt which he used to quell his enemies. He is also symbolized by the eagle and the bull. Zeus is often depicted as a middle-aged man with a full beard and mustache. The Hindu counterpart of Zeus is Indra; while the Roman counterpart of Zeus is Jupiter.

He is also quite well-known for his many affairs, with both Goddesses and mortal women, which inevitably produced offspring. This served to enrage his wife Hera, who would often create problems in these relationships. The Greek mythology is full of stories about Zeus.

Zeus is the son of Cronus (also Kronos) and Rhea. Cronus had been told by prophesy that he would be overthrown by his son. So each time a child was born, Cronus would swallow it. However, when Zeus was to be born, Rhea decided that she would avert this. She gave birth to her son, and hid him in a basket under a tree. She then wrapped a stone in a cloth and gave it to Cronus, who immediately swallowed it.

There are many myths and different versions of the story of how Zeus grew up. One version states that he was raised by the nymph Adamanthea. She hid Zeus from Cronus by dangling him from a tree on a rope, because Cronus ruled the heavens, the earth and the sea. Another version states that he was raised by a family of shepherds and in return their sheep were spared by the wolves. Thirdly, it is also believed that Zeus was raised by Gaia herself.

After Zeus grew up, he forced his father to spit out the swallowed children. Another myth also suggests that Zeus cut Cronus' stomach open to bring his siblings back to life. Therefore, one by one, all the siblings of Zeus were back on the Earth. Thereafter was a war between the Titans and Olympians, which is known as the Titanomachy or the War of the Titans. The Olympians won the war in which Zeus overthrew his father and became the King of the Gods.

After the battle, brothers, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades divided the territory by a draw of lots. Poseidon got the sea, Hades got the Underworld and Zeus got the sky and the heavens. The Earth or Gaia could not be divided, and so belonged to all the three of them.

Zeus was married to his sister Hera; with whom he had offspring called Hephaestus, Hebe and Ares. However, Zeus was popular for his infidelity and promiscuity. The stories of Zeus' many infidelities are an inseparable part of Greek mythology.

Some of the famous children Zeus had with other Goddesses are: Persephone by Demeter, Aphrodite by Dione, Apollo and Artemis by Leto, and Athena by Metis. With mortal women, the famous children of Zeus are: Heracles by Alcmene, Perseus by Danae, Minos by Europa, Thebe by Iodame, Argos by Niobe, and Dionysus by Semele.

There are several stories about each of these affairs, and these children. One of the most popular one is the story of Zeus and Leda. Zeus took the form of a swan and seduced Leda. The story is immortalized by the popular poem, 'Leda And The Swan' by W. B. Yeats. The famous Helen of Troy was the daughter of Leda, fathered by Zeus. According to the mythology, Zeus remained neutral in the Trojan war. When Greece was taken over by the Romans, Zeus was equated with their chief God, Jupiter.

Whatever his shortcoming, Zeus is one of the most notable personalities of the Greek mythology. The cults, oracle and several statues of Zeus in the world help prove the fascination people have about the Greek Father of Gods. Ciao!

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The name Nick,Nickolas(Saint Nickolass=Santa)=Greek?
Nikoll. Ni=One and koll=kull=cool=castle. he was the only son of a king who he named him one castle=one fortress=one king=only king. He became a Bishop, loved people and kids mostly. He gave all his wealth for the ones he loved in name of Jesus=God.
Since he loved kids, he also educated kids, there for today we call it School,but in reality is scool. S=saint and cool=kull=castle=fortress=king=saint king.
So in Albanian and many other languages. Shkoll=school. meaning saint castle,saint king=saint kings building(knowing that he was a teacher of kids)building of education=Saint Nickolass castle=saint kull,skull=shkoll=shenjt kulla. shenjt(Albanian)=sign=sain=saint=the one born with a sign from God=the one born with a mark=marked person(by GOD)=Saint. Mark, martha, martin, Mary,mari, mara=marked=the one who ir right( as in the things they do, as in doing the right things=right),the ones who do not make mistakes. - Nick [February 3, 2011]

Apolo=Ap=father ans olo=Ylli=star.Olo=olio=olive,the tree where jesus would pray=Gods tree.
O;ympia.Oly=oil=oliv=Ylli. Olive oil is a holi oilblesses oil has to do with God.Holi=hylli=star=star oil=oil of God=holi waterolive, holive,h-olive, but how ever by greek hlios=ILIOS, but it comes from hylli=ylli=Star=God.
Pitagors=flat rock. as in pan cake shaped rock.Shape=shaped=Shapet(Albanian)=pan cake shaped rock. The one as kinds we play on floor with. So Shapet,Sha-pet=pet=peta=petra=ptro=peter=Saint Peter. Saint Peter was named by Jesus as. you are the foundation(Like manhhatan is on top of a flat rock),you are the flat rock where I will build my househas a menaing of you are the sharp rock where i will build my hause. Kepha or cepha is said to be aramaic, but if kepha meant kepa, kepi=pointy rock=sharp rock=flat rockrock bed.
There is alot of history to be known as truth, and only our oldest language can find it, the language os eagle=Shqipe(Albanian).Shqiperia=land of eagle just like england that has the eagle as symbol too. The old language was lost everywhere but in what we call today ALBANIA. - Nick [February 3, 2011]

thats a long article! - some random guy [January 31, 2011]

Most names of God were Star or Sun.
Zoti is still used by Albaniansalso call God,Hy=Yll=Star(Sun).
ZE(Zeus)=warm,God of warmthof heat=SUNof light.
Afrodita is Albanian name for afro=close and Dita=day,In English is Dawn or Pre-day.
even year is named by Gods name as one circle of earth towards the GOD(Sun) and made one GodSlav=God-inaAlbanian vjet, the V is Y. Yjet=the star.English is Ye-ar.Ye=starSlav Zvezda=Star,Zue=ZeusSlavic I am mentioning is ILLYRIAN Dialect which was lost to Slav.Those are the Kelt people you guys keep mentioning.Albanians(ILLYRIANS) wear KILT And sing Bag-Pipe.
Thas is why Pyramids and stones in England and in Maya and Mexico and anywhere you see them, is because they believed in Star(GOD)SUN.
name God comes from Pelazgian name for GODIT=Makestill used in Albanian language,but we do not call it God now,a lost dialect of Pelazgian, I guess went to England.Aaccodring to Stones in England,that language has been there before or so they have named God ,Star or Sun as well.

It is a shame to be calling everything Greek when they are Albanian names for Gods.
Greeks I believe came with Roman empire(Hannibal).Hannibal helped Rome to conquer the worldof their generals are Africanis funny to believe that Hannibal fought Against Rome while Rome leting him pass from west to east of Rome unstopped,and Hannibal bypasses Rome without fighting themthen in Sicily Rome casts them away? In Same time as Rome fighting ILYRIANS. Hannibal took whole Italy under his empire while Rome is strong enough to beet them and ILLYRIANS?Rome was not able to beet Pyrros alone,while believing that all Italy was under Rome, and never mind when Italy was under Hannibal and Rome beets them all and even ILLYRIA?The whole Greek storry is stolen from ILLYRIAn and made it their own. Everything was translated into their language and burnt the originals. Aristofan ,Aristotel, Galileo those are all Albanian names. Ari=bear or if you may it means Ar=Gold where Art word came from, meaning golden workmeans dark.

Back to Jesus.
Je=you are and sus=Zeus=you are Zeus.=you are star=hy
The star was brightening and fell onto Jesus and was named Jehye,jahye,jehyu,jahyu=You are the star=here is the star=God.
Jesus christos,christos=cross.
When he was born he was named you are the Star, when he died he was named,Jezues kryqi(crucis Latin),meaning you on the cros are Zeusone on the cross is God.Greeks made a mess in trying to cover up a language to make it their own.
made it sound Hebrew as well who had no idea about Jesus ,if they did they would say Mesiah came but he never did show upthey did know,they would of converted to Jesus religion.
Either Albanian was spoken in Izrael back then, or this happened in what is today Greek,and is Greeks who killed him,so to hide their fault,gave it to Hebrew in Izrael.Changed the names of places from Greek land to Izraeli.Galilea,gali=dark.
Jerusalem.Je-rus-ale-m,Je=you are,rus=protector,ale=al=el=God m=mine,you protector God of mine=promised land.
Jesus a king of nazareth(etruscan who wrote right to left)Therrazan,therra=Thorn,so he was given the thorn crown on his head.Thesaloniki in Greek: the name was Therma=thorn,kalvari(next to thesaloniki is a city names kalamari=marias castle.there were 32 sinagogues in time of Jesus.Those are the exidos people.
Next to Thesaloniki is a city named Bitol in Macedonia which was named Herakliaherod wanted to kill little Jesus, the Heraklian king.Bitol sounds close to bethlehem as well.Betlehem,bet lehem be=swear ,swear to God, be=God(is what I am discovering) and lehem=born.Birth of God.Peter, Jesus in Aramaic names Simon as stone(Petro in Greek),but in his Aramaic language named him Kepha or cepha and in Albanian Kepa and cepa=pointy stones(the root of the stone ,flat shaped stone).I do not know if there was ever any Aramaic language or a fixation? If Hebrew spoke Aramaik but clain their torrah to be written in original language then how did they speak Aramaic 2000 years ago?
Poul comes from name Pal which means whiteAlbanian Barll=white and albus(Latin)=white just as Pelazgian,Pelazog,Pela=white and zog=bird=white birds language, whiite bird is Pellum=pigeon, comes from pell=white and umm umm the sound of Pigeon.White pigeon is the holi spirit as represented in BiblePouls name was bright=white(is what I tink)name old people as Plak which means their hair went white=PelakSlav is now plava=blondieBela=whiteto Thesaloniki there are people named Arvanitas by Greek, Albanian is Arberia,Arbresh,Arban=gold smith.
They speak Albanian so it is possible they were the exidos,or the race where Jesus came from.Naming their self with last names according to what they do is Hebrew.
How ever Jesus was Covered with a white shroud and not covered like a mumy as their tradition in middle east and Egypt.there is alot of history to be found,because Old Greeks messed up alot of things. Mar=the right side of someone=good.Maria,Martin,Marta,Martha,Mejreme=good.Marte=Tuesday=Mars?The God of war?
Marte=martesa=marriagenorth Albanian Catholicks still get married on Monday(Moonday) and then we go to Honey Moon.Tuesday=Two=couple=the day of 2=marriage day. perhaps by mistake they made it wednesday,wedding day,yet in Albanian is Merkur(Mercur just like Italian and many other languages),Mer=take and kur=when, the day when u take,getthat makes Mars God of love and Merkur the day of wedding but we do it on moondaymonday evening we should do the church marriage, then tuesday celebrate the marriage then wednesday you are marriedare what I am geting of albanian language and English(the never lost words of Pelazgian, but form of speach yes),it does not mean I am right. The whole Story about Jesus I am not sure but is what Albanian language is telling me. Could be that hebrew spoke Albanian too? Or it happened else where and not where the Bible say?
Fact that there were no writings of desciples till 300Ad is that they have been written in Albanian and saved by Greek emperors and then rivrote them when Constanteen the ILLYRIAN made it Catholicfound some details about saint Paul that after he was done with preaching,he came to ILLYRIA and was jailed.Means he never reached to preach ILLYRIAns and when the earth was shaken, is Macedonians who became Catholic firstis ILLYRIANS who spread the religion as well.ILIR=free,Yllir=Yll=God=the gods people=chosen people. Now I am not sure about this,but can someone try and help to find the truth,because as it is, it does not make sence. As for Alexander and many great kings who we thought were son of God is because we have been waiting for God send onethought he will send a earthly King not knowing about Spiritual king,that is why all are considered to be sons of Zeus.Greeks, when they translated books miss understood it,there for Christians had to put Hebrew Bible where it say that they are waiting for Mesiah.Greeks made a mess because ILLYRIANS have been waiting for him as well,the fact that all kings were considered the son of God. Mesia=Mesus=teacher in Albanian, and desciples did call him teacher.,Master.I have no education in Etymology nor history,but i do watch it alot and I can see that Albanian was not consideredit ,you will discover alot with it. It is our original language which was never lost. What kept Albanian language and traditions under Greek,Roman,Byzant,Sllav,Turks?Perhaps the one who spoke that language=Jesus.
What ever I said here for many I am 100% sure, for some I think I am, but not sure. - Nick [January 29, 2011]

make a certain place for inter, facts - manny a [January 26, 2011]

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