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Essay on cannibalism

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The Weekly Standard 2016 Washington, DC Politics 2016-08-06 http://www.weeklystandardnabokovs-notes-donald-trumps-cannibalism-and-so-long-marianne/article/2003717 2016-08-06T09:30 2016-08-05T22:25 Nabokov's Notes, Donald Trump's Cannibalism and So Long, Marianne Prufrock is off this week and will return on August 8. Seinfeld on 9/11: JERRY: Kramer, he just crashed a plane into the World Trade Center! He slit the pilots' throats with a box-cutter! KRAMER: Not a box-cutter – MY box-cutter. He borrowed it last week! ** Break In Case Of Emergency by Jessica Winter, a satirical novel that may be too real. Winter depicts a familiar scene: the private elevator, the deafening din, the gross smell of too much free cheese. Even among the party's 'gnarled gibberish waves of disorienting sound,' rich, graceful Meg 'somehow located a sound frequency at which she could pitch her voice and be heard without shouting.' Jim is possessed of no such skill, and he embarrasses Jen by conspicuously shouting (and binge-eating cheese). It's a small touch, but like Jen's revelation, it's achingly real. Some people—rich people, usually—do seem to have an innate talent for making themselves heard, while the rest of us have to embarrass ourselves by shouting. Books & Arts, Alice B. Lloyd http://cdn.weeklystandardcache/280x280-b15d41a91880985f203e76ec01772844.jpg

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