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Essay on hegemonic masculinity

In short, a hegemonic society is one in which an ideology has become so normalized that it is difficult for people to imagine alternatives.

Today, you can see that one of the main policies of the hegemonic powers is [fomenting] discord within the Islamic world," Khamenehi said last Thursday in an address marking the 26th anniversary of the death of Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Houthis and the ousted president are harboured, armed and trained by foreign parties and their proxies in the Arab region as part of their hegemonic designs", he said.

TEHRAN (FNA)- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei underlined Iran's resistance against the hegemonic powers, and said the enemies can never halt the Islamic Revolution's progress.

This article explores developmental interactions and interdependencies among three discourses informing subjective experiences and clinical responses to anorexia in adolescent men: hegemonic masculinity; narratives of adolescent development; and the "nature" of anorexia--a female phenomenon.

1] Global elites have prospered in the past decades, yet paradoxically and simultaneously, the hegemonic male has become something of an endangered species in films outside the fantasy realm of superhero epics.

So hegemonic imperialism has a limited time to do its dividing and ruling.

The range of masculinities portrayed in postfeminist popular cinema demonstrates the postfeminist fading of " hegemonic masculinity" according to some commenters, but Hamad (film studies, Kings' College London, England) disagrees, pointing to the discourse of paternity and its ability to negotiate a range of masculine identities as the new hegemonic masculinity.

The three powers continued to play major roles in the second wave of the revolution, but they took up different ones, the democratic powers teamed with the supporters of a hegemonic state to remove the Brotherhood from power.

And more specifically from a Marxist perspective: which kind of configurations of space -- development and underdevelopment -- and relations of power - struggle for power and hegemonic shift among states -- take shape in a capitalist system of production?

All boys and men are measured by hegemonic masculinity, even though most boys and men will never accomplish it.

22) While Harris used a hegemonic masculinities approach to masculinities in that essay, there are now several approaches to masculinities studies that we might apply.

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