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Essay on poaching of animals

Wildlife Saving Essay By: Sophia L.
R: Member of World Wildlife Fund
A: General public
F: Website
T: Poaching

How greedy can a person be? Apparently, a person can be very greedy. Poachers poach for their own selfish reasons, with an exception to subsistance poachers. Many animals are dangling on the edge of extinction because of poachers. The diminishing population of wildlife decreases the amount of tourism to places like Africa. Poaching can also spread diseases. People must contribute to stop the crime of poaching.

Poaching is the illegal hunting of wildlife. This can include hunting without a license in any part of the world. So even fishing without a license is considered poaching. It also includes hunting out of season.

Poaching occurs all over the world. There is poaching in Asia for tigers. Every body part of a tiger is valuable to the Black Market. People may sell the coat, forearms, tiger bones, claws, whiskers, and even tiger penis soup. Some places, where people eat tiger penis soup, believe that eating it will somehow increase their sexuality. Poaching is very common in Africa. Many animals are endangered in Africa due to poaching. Black rhinos are hunted for their horns. The elephants are killed for their ivory and tusks.

There are three types of poaching that occur for different reasons and affect different animals. Subsistence poaching is when somebody poaches for survival, and eats the animals they had killed. Subsistence poachers tend to kill small animals like birds, insects, and small antelope. Commercial poaching is when somebody poaches for money. They don’t kill for survival, they kill for greed. Commercial poachers are encouraged by the demand for supplies. They poach animals whether they are endangered or not. Lastly, there is Trophy poaching. Trophy poaching is focused on killing endangered animals for large amounts of money. These animals may include black rhinos, zebras, and cheetahs.

You might be wondering how poachers kill so many animals to the point where they are going extinct. Poachers use many different types of weapons to kill. They may use guns to shoot, a bow and arrow, spears, pitfalls, net traps, dogs, and poison. Poison is mainly used to capture birds. The most common weapons that are used are snares. They are common because they are simple, cheap, and take little work to set up; reducing the risk of getting caught. Because snares are so cheap, poachers can set many traps up in one area to increase their probability of catching any wildlife. Snares, sadly, make the animal endure more pain as it suffers from the snap. Snares may catch more than the poachers can eat, so some of the animals are left to rot.

After 1750 poaching was done often out of need because more people fell to poverty and lost land. There was still, of course, Commercial and Trophy poaching as well. Ivory was requested a lot between 1979 and 1989. That caused a significant loss of elephants. From 1977 to 1997 there were about 700,000 elephants lost to their population. There were 1.3 million elephants in 1977 and 600,000 in 1997.

Poaching impacts, of course animals. This is because their lives are in danger. Secondly, it impacts people who may live in a certain area where the endangered animals may go to. Tourists are also impacted by the loss of animals.

Poachers kill so many animals that are endangered and close to extinction because of the selfish ways of Commercial and Trophy poachers. If they continue killing our beautiful population of wildlife, what will be left? They’re destroying the food chain and the circle of life. Animals that migrate away from poachers, a lot of times, can wonder into villages and get into the crops of villagers. Out of anger and frustration, the villagers kill the animals as reprisal for the demolition of their crops. Secondly, tourists are affected by poachers because, when the population of wildlife decreases, tourists stop coming because the motives are either extinct or rare to find. Less tourism means less money for the area. Africa, a continent in need of money, is greatly affected by that consequence. Black rhinos are great tourist attractions for Africa, and now they are on the verge of extinction. Not only is poaching just a problem for the area poachers are hunting in, but the spreading of diseases affects other areas as well.

There are ways we can prevent poachers from tearing apart the lives of Earth’s animals. Awareness programs set up for the general public will inform people all over the world and encourage them to help. Anti-poaching patrol and local police set up to protect areas at all times will increase the chances of catching poachers before they kill.Donating to organizations that specialize in animal abuse such as The World Wildlife Fund will help.

We need to take care of our wildlife before it’s too late. Less disease will be spread, more tourism will return to Africa, and endangered animals will be safe from extinction. Wildlife is one of the most valuable things we have on Earth, so let’s not destroy it.

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