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Essay on the wire

Resistance of a WireTaskTo investigate how the resistance of a wire is affected by the length of the wire.TheoryWhat is resistance?Electricity is conducted through a conductor, in this case wire, by means of free electrons. The number of free electrons depends on the material and more free electrons means a better conduc.

Factors Affecting the Resistance of WireIntroductionI am performing an experiment to find the piece of wire with the highest conductivity or lowest resistivity out of three samples. The three pieces of wire are Copper, Nickel and Constantan. These three samples were also put into groups of size in width (explained in.

Resistance of a Wire Investigation I am investigating how resistance is affected by different variables. Some variables that will be relevant in this investigation: ¨ Length ¨ Thickness ¨ Temperature ¨ The amount of fixed ions ¨ Current ¨ Resistance ¨ MaterialThe thing that I am going.

Investigation into factors affecting the resistance of a wire Aim: During this investigation, I will measure the resistance of a wire whilst changing two factors of the wire. These will be the length and the thickness of the wire. I will therefore try to find out what factors affect the resistance of a wire. Apparatus: Co.

Investigating the Resistance Of A Wire When The Diameter Of The wire is altered. Plan IntroductionThe resistance of a wire depends on certain factors. Some of these variables are listed below:· Length of wire· Diameter or thickness of wire· Temperature at which wire is kept·.

The resistance of a wire depends on certain factors. Investigate the effect of two of these factors - Planning Some variables that will be relevant to this investigation are: * Length * Thickness * Temperature * Voltage * Resistance * Material Of these the variables will be input and output voltages in experiment one, and l.

Introduction In this piece of coursework, I have been set the task of investigating factors that affect the resistance of a wire. There are many things that affect the resistance of a wire but I have only got the chance to do one of these. The one I will choose will depend on it being the most effective and on its e.

Physics Coursework Investigation I intend to investigate the resistance through a piece of wire when a variable has been changed. The different variables that affect the resistance running through a piece of wire are:1. Length of wire. A longer piece of wire will contain more molecules, which will make.

Aims and hypotheses This investigation is designed to look into the resistance of different material in the form of wires and their conducting capability in different shapes. In order to do so, the materials are to be tested for their resistance in the shape of wires, and the hypotheses are such that different thicknes.

Aim: -To find out what factors affect the resistance of a wire (besides current of temperature.) We must use two different variables. Variables: -Variables Chosen Variables Length of wire. Thickness Type of wire. Chosen Variable: -I have chosen length of wire as one as my variables because it will give me a good ran.

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