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Essay tutoring peers

My goals in joining peer tutoring were to have an easy term project assignment and spending one hour each week for studying with my friends in an enjoyable atmosphere, but after a couple of sessions, I discovered that peer tutoring was more than that. With peer tutoring, my motivation for studying has increased a significant amount as well as my grades. The program didn’t only provide me academic success, but it also thought me the best studying skills that I will use for a lifetime. Throughout the program, I experienced both being a tutor and a tutee. Both of them have benefited me in different ways. The day I started my first session, I was not aware of the fact that choosing peer tutoring was one of the best decisions I have made in my academic life.

During the after school sessions that I have attended, I worked on English, Mathematics, Biology and Physics. When I was a tutor, answering the challenging questions of my peers and going over the subject over and over again made me comprehend the topic better. While explaining them the subject in different ways, I was also reviewing and studying it. For instance, when a friend of mine asked me the similarities and differences of competitive and incompetitive inhibition, I was able to visualize the types of inhibition in a better way. Looking at the other side of the coin, when I was a tutee, I had the chance to observe my friends’ studying methods. For example, while studying with Beste, I learned that making diagrams and lists are very helpful for science branches. Furthermore, it is easier to ask the things that you don’t understand to your friends. You can ask the same thing over and over again without feeling embarrassed. Besides, I’m an auditory learner. When I worked on a subject with my peers, either listening or explaining, hearing the words made it easier for me to learn.

To be honest, I have never studied regularly before. Staying after school for peer.

The Effectiveness of PeerTutoring with Associative Cognitive Aids on Long-Term Memory Storage Abstract PeerTutoring has been shown an effective learning strategy and innovate solution in multidisciplinary classroom structures. As teachers seek productive methods to incorporate meaningful learning and maintain efficient time management in the classroom, peertutoring has been implemented as an.

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to discuss how the delivery of the National Curriculum contributes to the academic performance This is of concern base on observation on the attitude of students at Tower Hill Primary Schoo and other neighbouring muti-grade schools are experiencing a difficulty with low performance and also the concern of the students’ attitude towards learning. QUESTION: What are some challenges that principals, teachers and students experience during the.

 FinalReflection The primary goal of your last assignment is to reflect on what you have learned about yourself as a learner as a result of this class and how you will use this knowledge to succeed in future courses. Reflecting on your thoughts, actions, and feelings and making appropriate connections will help you plan for your future success. Review the video above.Click to view a Model Final Assignment, use the sample as a guide to complete your.

PeerTutoring is a class that I thought I would be able to slack off and get an easy mark in, but throughout the semester I learned it was not as easy as I thought it would be. It is something people take for granted. As the semester went by I started to like it peertutoring because it gave me skills, I got some work experience and it is also a fun thing to do depending on what class you choose to peer tutor in and I chose.

 Discoveries This class taught me a lot of things I already knew in one way or another. Common sense tells me many of the things that are found in the ISLLC. I just had no idea that they were actually written down as standards for all administrators to follow. It’s great to have them written down somewhere for all leaders to have as reference when in need. Leaders that use these standards will gain the knowledge and skill necessary to guide all educational programs.

I have learned a lot from peertutoring . it has broadened my horizone on what being a role model really means. not only did i get to work with some amazing grade nines but i also learned a lot from them. coming into peertutoring i didnt know what to expect, but i soon learned that its a great class! i made relationships with most of the students which made me be more of assistance, when they needed help. for example, i was able to get.

INFO 608 FinalReflection Paper Ben Meltzer June 5, 2007 Class Experience One of the major ways that the class provided a valuable learning experience in interaction design is that we, as students, actually went through many of the steps of the interaction design process. Some of these steps included prototyping, heuristic evaluation, and brainstorming about potential real-life sources for evaluation (in our individual midterm design project).

nicely into their unit. We chose to use the words ‘drift,’ ‘turn,’ ‘whirl,’ ‘leap,’ and ‘settle’ as the movements that we would have our students explore and refine. Each of our words has the potential for much more exploration than we used in our peer teaching. We intend to explore each of Laban’s movement elements including “body awareness; space awareness; the awareness of weight, time, and flow; and the adaptation to partners and groups” (Bergmann, 1995, p.157). We.

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