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Example of an essay on courage

Diffusion is a process in which information regarding innovation is communicated throughout the entire organization over a time period. Innovation is a new product in the market that is unique. It can also be transformation in an existing product or service. Innovation is communicated through a communication process. Communication takes place among different channel members for understanding new technology and mutually cooperating for its acceptance. Diffusion process incorporates five elements. Firstly, effect of innovation characteristics on its adaptation or adoption. Second, adoption requires a process of decision making for adopters. Third, adopter’s characteristics that affects on adopting innovation. Fourth, communicating innovation. Lastly, results of adoption.

Since 1700’s to the present day, Guinness is globally diffusing is brewing technology to relocate its products in different countries by diffusing them. Guinness is the famous Irish beer brand in the world. Guinness has diffused its technology of brewing in many other countries. It is the known brand around the world. The store of Guinness is a centre of attention for the visitors visiting Ireland. Guinness store offer several products of apparel, food, beer, etc. In 1759, Guinness brewery was opened in Ireland by Arthur Guinness. In 1962, for the first time, Guinness diffused its innovative technology of brewing in Nigeria by relocating its brewery. In relocation diffusion, one thing is physically moved from one place to other place. In other words, culture or ideas are physically spread by the people when they migrate to other countries. Similarly, Guinness went globally diffused by relocating its breweries in more than 50 countries and its customers in more than 120 countries. Some countries in which Guinness brewers located are Bahamas, Cote d’Ivoire, Guyana, Haiti, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa, St. Kitts, Tanzania, Angola, Australia, Canada, Kenya, Mauritius, Liberia, Trinidad, Seychelles, Thailand, New Zealand, Togo, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Ghana, Jamaica, Malaysia and United States. In terms of relocation diffusion, cultural characteristics and values of two countries play a significant role as two cultures will interact with each other in diffusion of Guinness from Ireland to other countries; Guinness has spread its own cultural characteristics in different countries. Guinness brewery was shutdown in UK in 2005 and Guinness has further decided to shutdown two breweries in Ireland in 2013.

Guinness has become a globally diffused brand. Guinness breweries can be found across the world such as Canada, Australia, and America. There are numbers of breweries of Guinness such as Ghana Guinness brewery located in Ghana. Guinness adopted relocation diffusion technique for moving its products to other countries by following the same features of brewing that Guinness practice in Ireland (originating country).

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