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Future of domestic aviation sector essay

Aviation Industry - General Aviation Brief History: The civil aviation world consists of two categories according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA): scheduled airline service and general aviation (FAA, n.d.). The Aviation industry as we know it today was born from General Aviation (GA), and both their histories are inextricably linked. People’s ambition to fly stretches back to ancient times, of tales and legends passed down from Greek civilizations, and a passionate drive to master the sky. It is in this same spirit that GA currently resides. [tags: Informative, Aviation ]

The Federal Aviation Regulations: Four Volumes - The current Federal Aviation Regulations consist of four volumes consisting of over 460 sections containing over 3500 pages of material. Before the Air Commerce Act of 1926 airman certificates, airworthiness certificates and planes for higher were very loosely monitored. Initially, the Department of Commerce was tasked with regulations the entire aviation sector. They started an Aeronautics branch who’s first act was to publish a 45 page document covering Licensing of Aircraft, Marking of Aircraft, Operation of Aircraft, Licensing of Pilots and Mechanics, Air Traffic Rules, and a Miscellaneous section. [tags: aviation, air commerce, aeronautics]

Aviation Composites - For many years, aircraft designers had proposed theoretical concepts that they could not build because the materials they required were not yet in existence. The expression "unobtainium" is often used to classify resources that are sought after, but not yet available. For example, large air vehicles like the space shuttle would have been almost impossible to construct without heat-resistant ceramic tiles to protect them during reentry into the earth’s atmosphere. Composite materials have become extremely useful and since been adapted for aviation. [tags: Aircraft Design, Development]

The HIstory of the FAA - The FAA is a government agency who provides our country with the safest aerospace system in the world today. The FAA was not easily created though it was formed over many years and through the passage of many different bills and acts. The FAA started to take shape in the early 1900's. When the commercial aviation industry was first getting its start many leaders believed that without proper regulation and safety rules, that were set by the federal government, the aviation industry would not succeed. [tags: Aviation ]

Navaids in Aviation - How would pilots ever get around so easily without the help of navigation aides. Navigational aides have been around for almost as long as aircraft have been flying in the skies above us. The first navigation system was composted of just a high intensity-flashing beacon. These beacons were placed on the flight routes that were popularly flown in the mid 1920’s. With more time more of these technologies that help us navigate the world will be even simpler than today. This paper will explain how some navigational aides work and how some of them came into existence. [tags: essays research papers]

Boeing and Aviation - Most of us see aviation as a means of transportation and an alternate mode of travel. Boeing’s businesses are clearly doing one of the things that core businesses are suppose to do. They are making lots of cash. For many years Boeing has been the leader, earning an average cash flow of a billion dollars or more each year. This gives lots of options to maximize shareholders values. This company just seems to have lots of outside areas of interest too. Maybe you’re bored sitting around the house and had a craving for some pizza. [tags: essays research papers]

Can Woman Really Fly? - Can Woman Really Fly. There are many readings that easily correlate in the long history of atomic weaponry, but the one article that stood out in terms of its context would be Joseph J. Corn article entitles Making Flying “Thinkable”: Women Pilots and the Selling of Aviation. Unlike the others readings, like that from Bush and Rentezi, Corn’s article correlates more to aviation than the atom. The main point of Corn’s article is that women were extremely important in terms of aviation and without there involvement aviation would not be what it is today. [tags: Aviation]

The Vickers Supermarine Spitfire - The Vickers Supermarine Spitfire is one of the most iconic planes in the history of aviation. It represented the continual technological advancement in the study of aviation as well as being the focus of many a propaganda issue by the British Government and Press. The idea of flight was still a new and a very unknown theoretical and physical process in the nineteen thirties. Very much like the space race of the nineteen sixties or the Hadron Collider of today, aeroplanes seemed to catch the imagination of many people, young and old. [tags: Aviation]

The International Civil Aviation Organization - The International Civil Aviation Organization Origin, Objectives and Achievements Introduction: Civil aviation is a powerful force for progress in our modern global society. It creates and supports millions of jobs worldwide. It forms part of the economic lifeline of many countries. It is a catalyst for travel and tourism, the world's largest industry. Beyond economics, air transport enriches the social and cultural fabric of society and contributes to the attainment of peace and prosperity throughout the world. [tags: essays research papers]

Aviation - There are several factors that enabled Wilbur and Orville Wright, two high school dropouts, to produce a successful airplane controlled by a pilot. The Wright brothers were self-educated and very experienced with several types of technologies when they began their efforts to produce an airplane. Having worked as bicycle mechanics, they understood the importance of several technologies working together to create one particular design, as well as the significance of balance. The brothers worked well together, learning from past attempts at aviation, and drawing from other’s findings, in addition to discovering many of their own. [tags: essays research papers]

Avistion Industry In India - Aviation Industry In India Overview The history of civil aviation in India began in December 1912. At the time of independence, the number of air transport companies, which were operating within and beyond the frontiers of the company, carrying both air cargo and passengers, was nine. In early 1948, a joint sector company, Air India International Ltd. was established by the Government of India and Air India (earlier Tata Airline) with a capital of Rs 2 crore and a fleet of three Lockheed constellation aircraft. [tags: History India Aviation]

Effect of 9/11/01 on Aviation - September 11, 2001 is a day that will forever live in infamy inside the hearts and minds of American citizens. On that morning, the world saw live the destruction and devastation that terrorism can deliver right to our own backyard. Shocking images of the whole tragedy can still be seen on television even now, a whole six months later, yet even now it still seems unimaginable. As most Americans know, the Federal Government has implemented a huge amount of change to our foreign and domestic policies as a result of 9/11. [tags: Nine eleven]

The Federal Aviation Administration - The Federal Aviation Administration The F.A.A. (Federal Aviation Administration), established in 1958, deals with the airspace problems, most of the problems they deal with are on the runways of airfields, but they do in fact deal with the other airspace problems as well, including extraterrestrial life. The F.A.A. seems to keep a lot of important information from the public. One main reason that they do this is to keep the public in a state of calmness, if the F.A.A. were to make all there discoveries public and all the information public, the world wouldn't be able to handle it. [tags: Papers]

Australia's Passion for Aviation - Australia's Passion for Aviation Following the conclusion of The Great War (WWI) was the boom era of the 1920s. This period saw Australian society develop more consumerist ideals and become more interested in thrill seeking it also saw Australia developed a passionate enthusiasm for aviation. The combination of technology and thrill seeking drew many Australian’s to the wonders of flying machines. [tags: Papers]

Aviation Industry Safety - Aviation Industry Safety -The National Transportation Safety Board's statistics show an accident rate of 5 fatal accidents for each 10 million flights on scheduled and nonscheduled service by U.S. airlines operating under part 121 of the Federal Aviation Regulations from 1982 through 1998. -Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for examining an airline's operations when the airline seeks a certificate to operate and for conduction periodic inspections to ensure continued complained with safety regulations. [tags: Papers]

The Failures of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - The Failures of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) One hundred and ten people were killed on board ValueJet’s flight 592 May 11, 1996. Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) failure to correct the problems found in an inspection contributed to this tragic crash (McKenna 59). FAA inspections are contributing to too many deaths on board major airlines. The corruption in the system has lead to many frightening statistics and problems but there are still a lot of improvements for the FAA. [tags: Essays Papers]

Innovation during a Crisis: Advancement of Aviation Technology during WWI Lesson Plan - Innovation during a Crisis: Advancement of Aviation Technology during WWI Lesson Plan Context: This lesson is designed for students in the fifth to eight grade level. Many of these students will already have an extensive background in aviation and/or aviation history. The lesson plan occurs in an informal class setting at a Museum as one day during a five day summer camp session named Wright Flyer to Right Now. The summer camp spends each day exploring a different period in aerospace technology starting with the early days of flight and ending with current space exploration. [tags: Lesson Plan]

Bush Pilots - In the early years of flying the bush pilots were an essential growth mechanism for northern communities. In time of distress they were there to provide the three core emergency services. The bush pilots served as air ambulances, firefighters and as a tool for policing. One of the other core functions was transportation and a communication conduit to communities where in some places dog sleds were the primary form of transportation. Earlier bush planes utilized aerial survey techniques that were used in developing some of the first reliable maps. [tags: Aviation]

Regulation of Aviation at the Federal, State and Local Level - Regulation of Aviation at the Federal, State and Local Level Aviation has an impact on everybody and everything. Not only does it have an impact on a worldwide base, but it also has as big an impact on local business. Aviation in regulated in many different ways nationwide. There are many regulations that are federal, such as airspace, and must be obeyed by everyone and there are regulations that are local, such as traffic pattern altitude, and must be obeyed as if they were federal regs. As in any other field of work there are laws and regulations people must obey by. [tags: Essays Papers]

William Billy Mitchell: A Prominent Figure Of American Aviation - William Billy Mitchell was an important figure to the United States because of his persistent support of military aircraft. In fact, he insisted that the U.S. army provide a separate division dedicated specifically to aircraft. which would later become the U.S. Air Force. However, planes were mostly contraptions made of wood, wire, and cloth (Waller 3). Given that airplanes were small and weak at his time, Mitchell's ideas were both doubted and rejected. Mitchell was often impatient and rude to his superiors seeing that the majority was ignorant in becoming aware of air power. [tags: Mitchell Biography Pilot]

Aircraft Maintainence - Aircraft maintenance AVIATION REGULATION AND SAFETY Question 1 A good safety record is a judgment of past performance but does not guarantee the future (PARLIAMENT of AUSTRALIA 2004) [ref.3]. Airline operators, pilots, mechanics, flight attendants, government regulators and makers all have a stake in making aviation as safe as possible. Howbeit, they are still many aircraft had been crash due to many other reasons, such as the pilot’s error (which we called as the “human factor”), factor of fatigue, weather, congestion and others. [tags: Aviation]

College Education Requirements to Become an Airline Pilot - Piloting is one of the most glamorous, appealing and exciting jobs and only a few pursue it seriously to make it their career. With a good knowledge, planning and willpower anyone from any walk of life can make this dream come true. Many people who are serious about becoming an airline pilot have questions about prerequisites and majors they should choose and degrees they should get in order to reach their goal. They wonder if they need an aviation degree or whether they have to attend an aviation college to become an airline pilot. [tags: higher Education, aviation]

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