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Hindi essay on school life

a) Solar System. (b) Rock System. (c) Soil Types. (d) Disasters - Volcanoes, tsunami, earthquakes. (e) Atmospheric pressure. (f) Water cycle & Water bodies. (g) World famous Mountain Ranges. (h) World famous Rivers. (i) World famous Volcanoes. (j) World famous earthquakes. (k) Goegraphical Terminology India and World.

a) Geographical divisions. (b) Major food crops & cash crops.
(c) Rivers of India. (d) Heritage sites of India - Geography.
(e) Festivals & Customs. (f) Minerals & States.
(g) India's Climatic System. (h) Mountain Ranges of India.
(i) States & Capitals. (j) Natural Resources, Soil Water Plants and Wild Life. (k) Manufacturing Industires.

(a) On par with Indian Geography. (b) Geographical Surnames.
(c) Largest, Smallest, Highest and other superlatives of World Geographical features. (d) Countries and Capitals. (e) World Geographical Monuments and their location.

The English subject for the Sainik School Admission test for class 9 consist of the following topics.

  1. Letter Writing
  2. Guided Writing
  3. Essay Writing
  4. Vocabulary and Usage
  5. Prepositions
  6. Antonyms
  7. Synonyms
  8. Direct / Indirect Speech
  9. Voice
  10. Sentence types: (i) Interrogative (ii) Exclamatory (iii) Imperative (iv) Positive / Negative (v) Simple / Compound. (vi) Degrees of Comparisons.
  11. Tenses
  12. Clauses
  13. Question Tags
  14. Future time reference.
  15. Re arranging words to make meaningful sentences.
  16. Use of grammatical structures.
  17. One word substitutes.

The science subject have the following topics that a student preparing for the Sainik School Entrance Exam for Class 9 must prepare.

  1. The Universe. Measurement of very large distance, stars, constellations, solar systems and its constituents (plants, comets, meteors, satellites), artificial satellites and their use.
  2. Soil. Formation of Soil, soil profile, composition and type of soil, soil pollution and erosion.
  3. Air. Structure of atmosphere, measurement of atmospheric pressure, composition of air (oxygen, nitrogen) their physical and chemical properties with uses, causes and prevention of air pollution.
  4. Transformation of Substances. Purification of substances, characterization of substances, chemical reactions their types and characteristics.
  5. Structure of atom. Model and composition of atom, atomic number and mass number, isotopes, ions, valence and formula, chemical reactions and equations.
  6. Metals and non-metals. Characteristics, properties and their uses, Noble Metals, Alloys, Corrosion.
  7. Carbon. Occurrence, allotropy, forms of carbon, compounds of carbon with oxygen and hydrogen.
  8. Cell Structure and Functions. Cells, shape, size and variety of cells, cell structure, difference between plant and animal cells.
  9. Micro organisms. Discovery, habitat and culture of micro organisms, different micro-organism their types and structure (bacteria, blue-green algae, fungi, virus, protozoa)
  10. Refraction of Light. Refractive index, refraction through glass slab and prism, dispersion, lenses and image formation by them, application of lens (microscope, telescope, camera), the human eye.
  11. Electricity and Magnetism. Electric Current, sources of electric current (voltaic cell, Denial cell, dry cell, button cell), electric circuits, conductors and insulators, magnetism, electric current and magnetism, electro magnetic induction.
  12. Sources of Energy. Renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. Types of fuel, judicious use of energy, fire fighting.
  13. Common Diseases. Factors affecting health, modes of transmission of diseases (cholera, tuberculosis, typhoid, polio, rabies, chicken pox, diarrhea, gastroenteritis, common cold) vaccination.
  14. Food Production and Management. Basic agricultural practices (soil preparation, sowing, irrigation, maturing, weeding, protection, harvesting, storage) crop improvement, food from animals (dairying, poultry, fisheries, apiculture).
  1. Squares and square roots of large numbers, decimals and fractions by division method.
  2. Cubes and Cube roots of large numbers, negative numbers and fractions by prime factorisation method.
  3. Rational exponents and radicals including negative powers.
  4. Profit, loss and discount with percentages.
  5. Compound Interest.
  6. Algebraic identities such as (x+a) (x+b), (a+b)2, (a+b)3, (a+b+c)2
  7. Factorisation of algebraic expressions such as linear, quadratic, cubic etc.
  8. Division of Polynomiols.
  9. Linear equations in one variable including word problems.
  10. Parallel lines, equal intercepts property, proportional intercepts property, dividing a line segment into given number of equal parts or in the given ratio.
  11. Quadrilaterals, special types of quadrilaterals and their properties, construction of quadrilaterals of all types.
  12. Circles, perpendicular from centre to chord, equal chords and angles substended by them, relation between the angle subtended by an arc at the centre and at the remaining part of the circle, cyclic quadrilateral.
  13. Perimeter and areas of triangle, all types of quadrilaterals, circle, sector, segment of a circle etc.
  14. Surface areas and volumes of cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone, sphere and hemisphere.
  15. Statistics - preparation of frequency distribution table for ungrouped and grouped data, construction and reading of histogram.

The syllabus of Class 6 Sainik School Entrance exam consist of Language Ability Test (i.e. English) and Mathematics.

For admission at Sainik School Goalpara, Punglwa, Imphal, Purulia, Bhubaneswar, Gopalganj, Nalanda, Tilaiya,Balachadi, Chittorgarh, Rewari, Kunjpura, Rewa, Satara, Ambikapur, Kapurthala, Ghorakhal, Nagrota, Sujanpur Tira, Lucknow, Amaravathinagar, Korukonda, Kazhakootam, and Bijapur, it is advised to parents and guardian to visit respective school or website to proper guidance and information. The website of respective schools are mentioned above.

Download free Sainik School Previous Years Question Papers for Class 6 and Class 9 entrance exam.

Effort has been done for our visitors to get past years question papers of All India Sainik School Entrance Exam AISSEE.

The question papers has been arranged yearwise. There is different section for each Class 6 Sainik School Entrance Exam and Class 9 Sainik School Entrance Exam.

  • Sainik-School-Class-6-Maths-Language-Question-Paper-2007357k - 2 Dec 2015, 09:03 by Bukwit Books (v1 )
    ‎2007 Sainik School Class 6 (Maths & Language) Previous Year Question Paper‎
  • Sainik-School-Class-6-Maths-Language-Question-Paper-2013386k - 2 Dec 2015, 09:03 by Bukwit Books (v1 )
    ‎2013 Sainik School Class 6 (Maths & Language) Previous Year Question Paper‎

Sainik School Entrance Exam for Class 9
Paper I (Mathematical Aptitude, Science) and Paper II (English, Social Science)

Medium: English
Publisher: Arihant Publications
Code / ISBN No. D085 / 9789350943915
Price: Rs 399

Previous Years Solved Papers 2007-2012, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Civics, English

Sainik School Entrance Exam for Class 9
Paper I and Paper II

Medium: Hindi
Publisher: Arihant Publications
Code / ISBN No. D081 / 9789352033461
Price: Rs 395

Popular Master Guide Sainik School Entrance Exam
For Class 9

Medium: English
Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House
Code / ISBN No. R-955 / 978-81-7812-576-3 / 9788178125763
Price: Rs 445

Sainik School Entrance Examination for Class 9
Authors: Sanjay Gupta & Jain
Medium: English
Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
Code / ISBN No. UP1763 / 9789350132838
Price: Rs 260

Sainik School Entrance Examination for Class 9
Medium. Hindi
Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
Code/ ISBN No. UP2196 / 9789350132821
Price: Rs 290

Sainik School Entrance Exam for Admission Class 9
Author: Dr Lal and Jain
Medium. English
Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
Code / ISBN No. UP450 / 978-81-7482-019-8 / 9788174820198
Price: Rs 345

Sainik School Admission for Class 9
Medium: Hindi
Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
Code / ISBN No. UP524 / 978-81-7482-284-0 / 9788174822840
Price: Rs 355

Get the complete up-to-date list of best preparation and reference books Sainik School Entrance Exam Class 6.

Sainik School Digest (Class VI) (includes Previous Years Papers—Fully Solved) Latest Edition
Author: J. N. Sharma & T.S. Jain
Medium: English
Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
Code / ISBN No. UP331/ 978-81-7482-163-8 / 9788174821638
Price. Rs 235

Sainik School Entrance Test (For Class VI) with Previous Years Solved Papers from 2003- Numerous Questions-Answers based on New Exam Pattern Latest Edition
Authors. Sanjay Kumar, Manoj Kumar Singh
Medium: English
Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House Books
Code / ISBN No. R-951 / 978-81-7812-495-7 / 9788178124957
Price: Rs 280

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