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Integrated essay toefl

The following TOEFL iBT Integrated Writing template is the template which I used when I answered the question: “Summarize the points made in the lecture you just heard, explaining how they cast doubt on the points made in the reading.”

In this set of materials, the reading passage mentions/describes/explains the theory/research result/. that. On the other hand, the lecturer is not sure/doubtful with the theory/research result/.

According to the reading passage, the theory/research result/. states that. by giving three reasons as follows:

On the other hand/However, the lecturer/the professor in the listening passage is not sure with the theory/research result mentioned in the reading passage by describing three reasons as follows:

- The First paragraph is only the opening. So, just write it in brief.

- In the 2nd paragraph you summarize the reading passage content, but do not copy and paste it to your writing. You should paraphrase it (use other words but it is still the same meaning as the reading). You can also change the structure of the sentence, for example if the statement in the reading is “active voice” you can make it in the “passive voice”. Again, just for your attention! Do not “copy paste” unless you want to get zero score. And, do not type it too much here.

- In the 3rd paragraph you should elaborate the reasons why the lecturer/the professor is not sure with the theory/the research result. Here, you should also connect the professor reasons with the reasons in the reading passage. Focus and give more elaboration here. Based on my experience, I elaborate more the professor explanation here, and I got the “Good” score in the Integrated Writing task. So, my conclusion (correct me if I am wrong) is that the test rater gives more weight in this paragraph.

thanks but is this structure is applicable in all Question??
for instance. what about if the Question be:
suumarize te main points in the lecture ad explain how they illustrate reading?
in this state ,do we need to also summerize reading content briefly in parageraph 2. or is it better to make paragerphs which include each idea with its associative??

I took the TOEFL IBT here in Mexico in April 2014, and I really prepared to take the exam and get a good score. However, I only got 99, and I needed at least 100. I was struck by the template that you posted here for the first question in the writing section, and let me tell you that this template was EXACTLY the SAME that I used to answer the question, and according to my results, this is not a good integration of the two materials, and for that reason, I got a low score in that specific question (in the indepentent writing question, I got a perfect score).

For that reason, I just want to mention that this templane is INCORRECT, and that people should not take this as an example for answering the question. Try another one, and may be you will have a better score in that section!

this tips and examples really help me to improve my toefl skills. After done doing this my toefl have become much better especially when it comes to writing section.

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