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Landscape essays

In this essay I aim to deal with some of the issues involved in finding a dominant or submissive with which to build an Internal Enslavement relationship. I will start by describing the landscape in which your search will have to take place, talk about some of the places in which you might look, and then suggest ways of managing consent in the early stages of the relationship.

Many people talk about the child inside the submissive. Their "inner child" or the "little girl inside." So many, infact, that there must, undeniably, be something in it. I know that I have had far more experiences in a "child-like" state since entering the process of Internal Enslavement than I ever had previously.

It's not so hard for the mainstream BDSM scene to get more public tolerance, since they can come up with slogans like "Safe, Sane and Consensual" or say that safewords are always used. This isn't much good for us though, because M/s and Ownership relationships embody the concept of alienable rights that can indeed be removed.

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