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Matthew arnold last essays on church and religion

Connecting the Dots: A Handbook of Bible Prophecy (Nov 2010) Earlier Online Book in Eschatology Section

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    We are a privileged people, privileged to draw near to the living God; privileged to speak out concerning our flaming hope; and privileged to stir one another up to love and good works. Carl F.H. Henry has well said, "Many Christians now live among neighbors who, swept by tides of immorality, fear herpes more than they fear Hades, and some even think God is a lofty synonym for gobbledygook" (Henry 1989; 152). Every age of Christians has had to live in such a world, and today's Christians are no exception! They must take care, therefore, that their Christian witness is real, practically expressed and based on a thorough knowledge of who they are in Christ. "

    The Doorway Papers
    This gifted Canadian Bible scholar of the previous generation has left a wonderful series of books on the nature of time and eternity, the origin of the nations after the Flood from the sons of Noah, a careful study of the genealogies from Adam to Jesus Christ, and a marvelous study on the genetic transmission of original sin from Adam and the virgin birth of Jesus. This library makes his now out-of-print books available in electronic form.

    For more information on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, research concerning the location of the First and Second Temples and recent developments there see our separate web site. Maps and history of Jersualem are brought up to date with RealAudio lectures by leading scholars and research papers concerning the location of the Jewish Temples and plans for a Third Temple. Developed with the help of Mike Kollen, Jim Milligan and Tuvia Sagiv.

    "The folly of Interpreters has been, to foretel times and things by this Prophecy, as if God designed to make them Prophets. By this rashness they have not only exposed themselves, but brought the Prophecy also into contempt. The design of God was much otherwise. He gave this and the Prophecies of the Old Testament, not to gratify men's curiosities by enabling them to foreknow things, but that after they were fulfilled they might be interpreted by the event, and his own Providence, not the Interpreters, be then manifested thereby to the world." (Sir Isaac Newton, Observations Upon the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse of John, J. Darby & T. Browne, London 1733.)

    • Free, HTML or PDF. Over 350,000 downloads since 1998. Newly Revised Edition (Nov 2010)

    An outstanding collection of writings and debates on Christian apologetics, theology, philosophy, Biblical studies, skepticism. Links to other Christian pages as well as skeptical pages on the Web. Also contains material of general Christian interest, as well as group research projects.

    The works of the Lord are great, Studied by all who have pleasure in them. (Psalm 111:2)
    Inscription above the door of the Cavendish Laboratory (in Latin) placed by James Clerk Maxwell.

  • Science Articles from Chuck Missler's Personal Update Newsletter (Includes: Is Empty Space Empty. The Other Side of the Vacuum, Exploding Planets and Ancient Catastrophes, When the Universe Became Fuzzy, The History of Hyperspace, I, II).

    "Men became scientific because they expected Law in Nature, and they expected Law in Nature because they believed in a Legislator. In most modern scientists this belief has died: it will be interesting to see how long their confidence in uniformity survives it. Two significant developments have already appeared - the hypothesis of a lawless sub-nature, and the surrender of the claim that science is true. We may be living nearer than we suppose to the end of the Scientific Age." (M. D. Aeschliman: C. S. Lewis on Mere Science 1998 First Things, 86 (October, 1998): 16-18.

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