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Memorial essay

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America; and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

Every day, during our moment of silence, I take time to think about the veterans that have served to keep America a free country.

Memorial Day is one of the two days every year used to honor our veterans. After all they have done for America we must ensure that Memorial Day fulfills the job of honoring everyone, from policemen, to men and women in the army. They would like Memorial Day to be observed as a day of reflection and celebration for all veterans past and present.

However, just the fact that we still live in a free country, with a designated day to honor them means the world to all of our military. Veterans of the military would like Memorial Day to be a day of recognition and gratitude.

On Memorial Day in Darien we have parades to celebrate policemen, firemen, and different branches of the military come marching down the main road. The residents of our town wave American flags while giving a standing ovation. This is how our veterans would like Memorial Day to be observed.

U.S. citizens at parades all over the country let them know how much their duties have done for us.

My grandfather is an Army veteran, and I know that he wants Memorial Day to be observed with American flags flying high, and respect for people like him. He told me last Memorial Day: “ Oliver look at what a beautiful country we live in. It was all made possible by those who fought to keep us free, and unfortunately many lives were lost.”

Veterans would also like American citizens to recognize those who lost their lives. Last year, on Memorial Day, I went to a memorial cemetery for veterans and said a prayer. I thanked all of the veterans who lost their lives for our country and let them know my heart was with them. I think it would be great if every American could do this on Memorial Day.

With Memorial Day coming up, it is important that we recognize those who served our country, and helped preserve “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” in the United States.

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