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A Review of the Role of Capsules in the Pathogenesis of Bacterial Meningitis - Meningitis is a disease that affects the meninges, the name given to the three membranes that surround the brain and the spinal cord. The three membranes are called the Dura Mater, the Arachnoid Mater and the Pia Mater. The function of these membranes is to protect the central nervous system. Meningitis can be caused by both viruses and bacteria. Viral meningitis is more often than harmless and is usually resolved in about a week. Viral meningitis can be caused by viruses such as Entero Viruses and Herpes Viruses. [tags: meningitis, meninges, phagocytosis]

Meningitis - In nineteenth century Geneva, a family came down with a strange disease— one that had never previously been diagnosed. In a short time, many people in their town were infected and thirty-three people were left dead. This strange disease was later determined to be meningitis. In 1806, the United States saw its first outbreak of meningitis in Massachusetts. It was not until 1887, however, that Professor Anton Weichselbaum was able to determine a cause of meningitis: a bacterium called Neisseria meningitides. [tags: Health, Diseases]

Meningitis -. Saliva, sputum, and mucous of an infected person. Viral meningitis can affect anyone but infants younger than 1 year old and people with weakened immune system are at a greater risk. There are other factors that make us more susceptible including age younger than 5 years old, living in community settings such as dorms, and weak immune systems. There are many symptoms including nausea, vomiting, photophobia (sensitivity to light), and an altered mental status. But symptoms that are most common with this illness are a sudden onset of fever, headache and a stiff neck. [tags: infection, brain, treatment]

Meningitis In College - “She thought it was just the flu. We all did. But she didn’t seem to be getting any better. Her parents made her go see a doctor, which was a good thing. It turns out she didn’t have the flu. It was something much worse. Something more dangerous, something more contagious, something life-threatening, something scary,” said my friend Ashley. I was on the phone with her talking about her roommate at Elizabethtown College. It turns out that her roommate, Jocelyn has been diagnosed with Meningitis. [tags: essays research papers]

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Meningitis and Encephalitis - Symptoms and Diagnosis of Meningitis and Encephalitis Abstract- Meningitis and Encephalitis symptoms are almost identical to those of the flu or common cold. Most symptoms are exceedingly subtle, and immediate diagnosis is crucial, because meningitis and encephalitis can become deadly in a matter of hours. There are many different forms of diagnosis, each equally important. Differentiating between bacterial and viral forms of the disease is important because treatment and severity differs. Meningitis is more prevalent in the elderly, the very young, and those with immune deficiency diseases. [tags: Biology Medical Biomedical Disease]

Bacterial Meningitis - Bacterial Meningitis The definition of meningitis is any inflammation of the meninges or membranes of the central nervous system. This inflammation can be caused by any number of pathogens such as fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Bacteria is most commonly associated with the disease even though causative viruses can be more prevalent, but never discovered because the mildness of the symptoms. The study of meningitis dates back to the 1960’s when the causative organisms were discovered and treatments were developed. [tags: Papers]

Spinal Meningitis - Meningitis is an infection of the fluid of a person’s spinal cord and fluid that surrounds a person’s brain. It is sometimes referred to as Spinal Meningitis. It’s usually caused by either a bacterial or viral infection. As you read through this paper you will learn how Meningitis is transmitted, its symptoms, its effects, and even the incidences it has caused. The common symptoms of anyone over two years old is high fever, headache, and stiff neck. Symptoms can develop over several hours or even one to two days. [tags: essays research papers]

The Vaccination - It begins as minor flu symptoms. But then things seem to never get any better. As symptoms become more severe, a person is advised to go see a doctor. It turns out the individual did not have the flu. It was something far worse, something more treacherous, something more contagious, something chilling, something life-threatening. This disease is known as bacterial meningitis. It is possibly a college student’s worst nightmare, and a disease that students should be well informed about. But while the bacterial infection is rather rare, it’s also terminal, killing 10 to 12 percent of those it infects, sometimes within hours. [tags: Bacterial Meningitis, Disease, Medicine]

Hearing Impairment and Learning Disability -. Given the major etiologies currently related to hearing impairment it might be predicted that a somewhat higher proportion of children with hearing impairment, than hearing children that suffer from additional learning problems. It is generally accepted that fifty percent of early childhood hearing impairment in the United States is heredity. Over sixty different types of hereditary hearing impairment are known. There are known genetic syndromes associated with hearing impairment with some other traits. [tags: hearing impairment, learning disability]

Drugs: The Blood Diamonds of the Pharmaceutical Industry - Enter any drug store in the United States, and you are instantly surrounded by thousands of drugs. They vary in size, color, strength and price. Some are easily obtained off the counter, while pharmacists hold others under lock and key. Despite the vast assortment available, they all have one process in common. Clinical trials. Before we can take them for our headaches, hypertension and hypoglycemia they all undergo the rigorous process of clinical trials. However, these trials have often resulted in the exploitation of vulnerable populations all over the world. [tags: Medical Ethics ]

Vaccinating Children Should Be Mandatory - It used to be that vaccinations were considered a normal part of childhood, right along with loosing teeth and toilet training. However, in recent years vaccinations have become an extremely hot button issue, with many parents actually choosing not to vaccinate their children. The idea seems preposterous considering how many people were left with twisted backs, and withered limbs due to polio, or the amount of deaths as a result of measles. To see someone who has been left in an iron lung from a disease that is now preventable, and still choose not to prevent the disease seems absolutely asinine, and yet many parents are doing just that. [tags: Vaccines Should Be Required]

Impacts Of Mechanization Of Food - Food is a necessity to life, an indisputable statement that has long been glorified. Yet again, are all of us sure that the foods we ate are safe and healthy. We devoted our full trust to the so-called regulatory body like Food & Drug Administration (FDA), but still the birth of factory farming and mechanization of food are at alarming rates, posing an utterly significant threat to health and environment. The impacts of food mechanization are clearly evinced through the direct illness to food consumers, outbreak and widespread of new diseases and degradation of water resources and aquatic life. [tags: Industry, Health, Environment]

Pfizer Drug Suit - Pfizer and the Nigerian Trovan Suit There has been a controversy about the experimental testing of the drug Trovan (trovafloxacin), by Pfizer, a major pharmaceutical company. Pfizer held clinical trials of the drug in Kano, Nigeria, during the 1996 epidemic of bacterial meningitis. The experiments were conducted on 200 children and were said to be successful. Recently, 30 Nigerian families of the children used in the experiments filed a lawsuit against Pfizer claiming they had violated laws by not obtaining permission from the families. [tags: essays research papers]

The Health Benefits of Ginger and Garlic - Food use to be a part of treatment in some cultures. Some kind of food have a majority of vitamins like vitamin C, B, and Omega3 which support the human body. Also it can fight disease or prevent it from developing such cancer cells. This essay will explain how Ginger and Garlic improve our health. Ginger maintain our health in several ways. First of all ginger balance our internal body energies. For example, according to the Ayurvedic medicine ginger can find the diffrenciat the colds and the hears inside the body (real women's fitness 2006-2008). [tags: Health]

Diabetes, Diagnosis, and Research -. The expression of the antigens is coded by a set of genes on chromosome 6 called the major histocompatibility complex. Chromosome 6 also contains genes human leukocyte antigen, or HLA, genes which are thought to be linked with type 1 diabetes. A study shows that about 90% of children with type 1 diabetes have two certain genes within the HLA set, DR4-DQ8 and DR3-DQ2. The issues with the MHC and the two HLA genes show a strong connection due to the fact that they are both on chromosome 6. Diabetes is not always found to be genetic, causing uncertainty in narrowing down the exact cause however, there are environmental factors that could provide an explanation for those who either don’t ha. [tags: Type 1, Illness]

Ergotism - The symptoms described in this case such as headaches, skin irritation, painful cramps and seizures are all common in a disease known as Ergotism. Ergotism is caused by the ingestion of alkaloids (ergotamines) produced by the fungus Claviceps purpurea (C. purpurea), which infects mainly Secale cereal (rye) and other cereals. This results in ergot poisoning (Alderman et al. 1999). All species of Claviceps are given the general term ergot and the majority of Claviceps species are restricted to only one or several grass genera. [tags: Health, Diseases, Medicine]

The Need to Vaccinate Infants and Travellers - The Need to Vaccinate Infants and Travellers Vaccinations are given in infancy and to travellers against various diseases that can kill but are preventable due to the modernisation of medicine. I have put together a brief over view of the need to administer such vaccines. The disease's that are vaccinated against in infancy are: diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, polio, hib, measles, mumps, rubella and tuberculosis. Diphtheria is a serious disease that begins with a sore throat and can quickly cause breathing problems. [tags: Free Essays]

Improving Immunization Service in Benin, Burkina Faso and Côte d'Ivoire - 1.1 Statement of the Problem The problems of formal health services and the challenges in sub-Saharan Africa have been widely documented. Findings from other current studies reveal a myriad of failures in the supply and demand side of health services. Access to formal services is also impinged by distance and financial factors; service quality is extremely very poor and is highly characterized by drug and staff shortages, lack of political commitment, poor infrastructure and negligence among health staff (Kadzandira and Chalowa, 2001). [tags: Health Care]

State Interference of Child Medication - Does the state have the right to interfere or intervene and remove children from the home because they feel the parents are negligent in caring for the child's mental and physical health. Based on the parent’s refusal to administer prescribed medication they deemed harmful in exchange for an alternative medicine. This dilemma is discussed by Corey Williams of the Associated Press, author of “Mother battles Michigan over daughter's medication” about Maryann Godboldo who decided to discontinue medicating her daughter, Ariana, with an anti-psychotic drug Risperdal to take on a more holistic approach to her daughter's health issues. [tags: Article Summary]

What is a Cochlear Implant? -. How do they affect the person. Are there negative affects. Are there positive effects. One pair of hearing aids can cost over a thousand dollars. The cost usually depends on the style and type of the hearing aid. There are of course plus fees for professional services, testing and fitting. Hearing aids will need to be replaced every three to five years. In the United States a few states are trying to gain insurance coverage. Specific insurance companies sometimes let you add coverage for your hearing plan, with additional fees. [tags: Hearing Impaired, Deaf]

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