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Online gambling should be legal essay

hi guys nice website but please include evidence - supernova [November 28, 2016]

put some unicorns and pugs - puggy unicorn [November 28, 2016]

smarty thx for the info but maybe be more clear with them thx luv ya - Samantha some [November 28, 2016]

More reasons please - opal stone opal [November 28, 2016]

My biggest gripe about gambling is that there is no such thing as good or bad odds. Once you start using your card and building points, you are subject to a well carved out system that will make sure you lose, even if you have several wins in a row. Ever wonder why when you are down $100, that bonus is exactly $100 or $90, or if you are down $170, the bonus is exactly $170 and the machine won't let you win a cent more? It's all programmed. They can tout "just the odds" all they want, no such thing. My second biggest gripe is how casinos get away with illegal false advertising and bate and switch. "win up to $1000". You won't unless you are a high roller. I've never met one person who is a lower level tier card that has won over $5-$25, because its all programmed on how much you play and what level card you are. Of course the casino will claim you can win it, you just have extremely poor odds. You might win $1000 here, and $2000 there, but the more you win means the more you lose and at the end of the year the hole will be bigger. Take my advice, stay away from casinos and spend more time with your family or doing something constructive. Casinos have no problem taking advantage of people at their weakest moments, in fact, that is exactly what they try to do! - anon [May 20, 2016]

Thank you for this blog! Grambling is one of the worst things you can do when it comes to organising your finances. In Australia,If you are having financial issues my advice is that you please talk to a professional - it is what helped me get my life back together. Try talking to the people at bankruptcy-advice (dot) com (dot) au/melbourne. - Chares Bosse [May 5, 2016]

This article is actually very biased and does not present the argument against gambling fairly. Personally I do not agree with gambling either, but the way this article is written makes it seem as if there is no different between someone occasionally gambling and being a full-blown addict. This article is similar to one giant slippery slope: if you gamble even $1, you will become an addict who cannot make good decisions, gambles away their entire livelihood, and separates/divorces from your spouse. I have known someone who gambled away his entire life, and at the same time I have known others who gamble occasionally, and only amounts that they have, not on credit. - Jessie [April 21, 2016]

I agree with you gambling is a terrible game people go homeless bro, but you gotta do what u gotta do fam - Brock the Jock [February 29, 2016]

Making gambling illegal can make it a better society to live in. They should not be given licenses to open Pokies in every area easily accessible to all. Counselling is not a solution for gambling but making gambling illegal is the solution to all gambling related issues. Gambling is worse than drugs, then why not make this illegal too. - Sue [January 30, 2016]

Yes, I totally agree. Gambling should be made illegal. It ruins families, relationships, health, wealth and much more. There are so many deaths/suicides because of Gambling and still the Government has a blind eye to it all because the common man loses it against the Rich who own it, like the James Packers, Woolworths, Coles etc. If they cannot make it illegal, they should atleast issue some kind of an exclusion order if a family member approaches. - Sultana S [January 30, 2016]

Judi online or online gambling can be a fun thing to do, however we should know our limitation to avoid the risk of getting addicted to it. - Judi Online [August 4, 2014]


I agree with the statement that gambling should be banned. There are three reasons for this opinion. There would be more criminal activity if society allowed gambling, gambling negatively affects family relations, and gambling could lead to health problems.

Gambling is often the cause of criminal activities. Mafia members could use the money for illegal or dangerous purposes. So, I recommend that we do not have gambling facilities. Also, gamblers could start fighting each other or cause problems about money.

Gambling could affect family relations, because gamblers focus on gambling too much and they do not take care of their families. Thus, gambling could be the cause of divorce or domestic violence. For example, if a father gambles too much and does not come home until late at night, it could harm his relationship with his family.

Finally, gambling could have negative effect on health, because gambling too much could make people too excited and they would be unable to maintain good health. For instance, gamblers might stay up late at night to gamble for long hours so they could easily catch a cold or become ill.

In conclusion, gambling should be banned because there would be more criminal activities if people allowed it, it would negatively affect family relations, and it could damage people’s health. - life loser on g [August 1, 2013]

I encourage everyone to alway educate themselves in any and every way possible. I know many people didn’t pay attention or maybe didn’t have a statistics class in high school and many people haven’t had the opportunity or taken the initiative to attend a college statistics class, but here’s a crash course (also economics?). People work towards their own goals. People that design lotteries, slot machines and all other sorts of betting apparatus work towards their own goals. Those goals are to make money. The magic of statistics is that you can figure out the long-term return on your money at any game of chance. Every game of chance you participate in, in the long-run, will leave you with less money than you started with. There are considerable calculations put into every game of chance operation, whether its a billion dollar casino or a street peddler telling you to pick a card for a dollar for a chance to win $40, unless they are stupid and/or bad at math, they know they are making money in the long-run. Now that you know, please don’t be surprised when you leave a trip to the casino with less money than you started, I am very willing to say “I told you so.” Also, if you participate in the entertaining world of gambling and at some point you have won more than you started with, then that’s the point when you need to consider whether or not spending more on the entertainment of uncertainty is worth more than leaving with a profit, because you’ll seldom get a chance to get make that decision again. Just sayin’. - Jesse [July 9, 2013]

One of the base premises of the argument is "Gambling can lead people to criminal practices.” Is this a relevant premise? No. Or more fairly, not really. What should be illegal? Crime—and it turns out its illegal by definition. Some might want to argue that crime is the symptom and gambling is the disease. While that sounds appealing, it already has holes in it that make it unsound, instead of going through that complex (or not so complex) web and untangle it to demonstrate what I mean, a simple counter is sufficient. FAT! Suppose you are fat. Why are you fat? Butter. You ate too much butter and now you are fat. You are so fat that you can’t stop eating butter and you are wasting your time doing ridiculous, criminal activities to get more butter. You obviously can’t stop eating this butter, you developed too many neural pathways and you are addicted and your actions are hurting yourself, your loved ones, and the people you committing criminal acts against in order to get more butter. According to the logic of the above argument, butter should become illegal. Readers may be thinking, “That’s just plain silly! How can we ban butter? It obviously your fault that you made those decisions and you should suffer the consequences like anyone else. Your mental ailments shouldn’t get in the way of us eating butter responsibly.” Well readers, I agree, this argument is just plain silly.
Maybe there is a valid, sound argument out there that would show that gambling should be illegal, but it certainly isn’t this one. I am willing to gamble on the chance that there actually isn’t such an argument out there. I think that attempts will eventually only point towards the civil liberty of spending one’s own money how one chooses. - Jesse [July 9, 2013]

I think gambaling is horrible and should be illegal any gamballers should be deported to another country - antigambal [June 10, 2013]

sounds like a winning idea, just like the war on drugs. DERP! - ruo [May 7, 2013]

Gambling ruins people's lives, ruins economy, and takes joy away. I ask everyone stop hand money to casinos. SAY NO To GAMBLING! - Bill [April 18, 2013]

Im really agree with that. Keep going - Obsa G [June 28, 2012]

Very good points made. This has helped me get more insight on gambling for my persuasive speach topic. - Marie [March 23, 2012]

You have described why gambling is wasteful of one's time and money. But you haven't said why it should be illegal. - pianoman [March 20, 2012]

THESE INFORMATION ARE THE BEST. - Kelly [March 14, 2012]

you write an second paragraph is an introduction and then put a title why gambling should be illegal and then continue the paragraph - Parthi [February 23, 2011]

Having gambling be illegal would not stop it, infact it would still go on underground it would diminish the amount of people who would partake in gambling but would help to esculate other crime because it is "underground". - DJP [January 20, 2011]

"There aren’t always winners in this game of gambling; in fact most of the gamblers are losers. If they were all winners then everyone would be gambling and coming out with buckets full of money."

Phil Ivey averages as many buckets of money a day to fill your house Frankie - Ryan [January 2, 2011]

Everyone one of these reasons highlights one very obvious theme; gambling exploits peoples personal weaknesses. Some people go overboard, some people don't. This same reason applies to drinking, smoking, sex (porn, strip clubs), among other things. If a person lacks personal control, don't even start these activities in the first place. If the government wants to ban gambling, first ban smoking, sex, and drinking. And the very next day, I would move to Canada because this country would be a complete joke if our personal freedom is taken away from us - Ryan [January 2, 2011]

There are two kinds of gambling. There’s a legal and illegal kind of gambling. Gambling is all fun and games until someone loses track of their lives. Legal gambling may seem fun and safe but that doesn’t stop you from getting into troubles such as becoming addicted to gambling. Addiction leads to family and social problems. It could make you think that you’ve got no choice but to start stealing from your family and friends. This would make your relationships with your family and friends very distant and you’d become a very lonely person.Gambling is like a baby trying to open a cupboard with a padlock on it. The baby can try as many times to open it but still fail. In other words you can attempt to win your games but there is no true technique to this gambling game, it is all a matter of luck.
There aren’t always winners in this game of gambling; in fact most of the gamblers are losers. If they were all winners then everyone would be gambling and coming out with buckets full of money. - frank [November 18, 2010]

if you want to make gambling illegal then what would illegal gambling be. forbidden. - jane M [November 18, 2010]

nice. sounds just like my essay about why gambling should be banned - jane [November 18, 2010]

I disagree with the statement that gambling should be illegal. I think people should be able to spend/waste there money and ruin their lives. It is their choice, and their money; they should be able to spend it on whatever they please (to an extent of course.) However making it illegal and then providing several exceptions sends mixed messages about it, and it monopolizes it's practice. Having said all that, gambling isn't a good idea most often. I just think it should be a choice. This country is based upon morals of freedom, so I don't think it is right to take such freedoms away. - Benjamin [November 15, 2010]

AT: Manali Oak ;
It's little ol'do gooder granny types like you, that want to protect us stupid grown-ups from themselves, bilking the rest of us out trillions of dollars in taxes, prosecuting people and enforcing your morals on the general public! You cannot regulate human appetite. We will do what we want and consume what we want, no matter what the government has to say about it. Just have a look at your "war on drugs". The people may have suffered the most casualties (one person arrested every 17 seconds) but, we are winning. We can still get a bag of weed faster than you can get a peperoni pizza! Just give up and mind your own business already. - Zedge [November 10, 2010]

I agree that gambling should be illegal; Casinos should be made illegal too. It is so easy to get too involved and to loose tonnes of money, as a result. People should work for money and then use it to help benefit their families and their own well-being. - Karim [October 27, 2010]

Its ruining the national debt - Keri [October 19, 2010]



So it shouldn't be legal for responsible adults to have the freedom granted to us by the Constitution? That doesn't make sense. It's my money, why should the government tell me what I can do with it? - Jason [July 26, 2010]

when was this article published? - Devontae [June 1, 2010]

the only way to beat these gambling games isnt just to double your bet each bet,its to keep track of your losses and bet over double the amount of your combined losses each time you start loosing, casino's insure that you cant do this and tip the advantage unfairly towards the house by having betting high betting starts and betting limits. - john [April 24, 2010]

if your ever caught card counting and they tell you to leave or flat bet only, thats why, because a person flat betting cannot win at gambling and your money is eroded away because your odds at loosing at gamblng in a row are better than your odds at winning in a row, you can never make up for the money you loose, even when you occasionaly win. slots used a flat bet fixed percentage making it look like the bets are fluxuating and getting higher when thier not going over a certain amount most of the time, occasionaly having a "big payout" once in a blue moon. - john [April 24, 2010]

gambling should be illegal because of flat betting. flat betting is a ripoff used in slot machines, craps and blackjack. essentialy when you play a game of blackjack and flat bet, even though you may have good odds and say you bet 3 games at 40 dollars flat betting. if you win the 3rd, you arent actualy winning, your breaking even. because in gambling you loose more times in a row than you win, this acts like a computer worm, slowly nibbling your cash away. slot machines desguise flat betting by using a percentage system with occaisonal "payouts". ie. because the payouts dont increase over a fixed percentage betting amount your money is still nibbled away the more you play because the more you gamble the more times in a row you loose. the only way to win at gambling is to increase your betting amounts to match your losses (going over, not just doubling like martingales system). the problem is casino's already protect against this by having high starting bet amounts and ceilings on bet limits wich is why the only people getting rich are the occasional big time winner and casino's themselves. casino's practice flat betting wich should be illegal as its a scam in blackjack by staggering the betting amounts so high its not possible for the average person playing to double thier bet amounts to match thier losses and by putting ceiling limits on betting amounts, insuring the house comes out on top with the player loosing more than the house. - john [April 24, 2010]

gambling should be legal this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. your stupid for losing all your money in gambling - Luke Kothman [April 22, 2010]

Does that mean the stock market should be illegal? - Jack Safar [April 9, 2010]

there are no benefits to gambling at all, ive yet to meet someone who has benefited in the long run from any form of gambling. It should be illegal it ruins lives FACT! - Ste [March 24, 2010]

this helped me very much. i learned the exact things i wanted to know and t helped me find some great quotes. - Michael [March 2, 2010]

People are addicted to alochol too arn't they? And thats legal too. - Molly [February 9, 2010]

what a lot of crap, fair enough a small minority might become addicted but to punish the rest of us for this is the stupidest thing i,ve heard, its people like you thats the problm - jedi [January 17, 2010]

This argument looks like it was written by a 5th grader.
Making gambling illegal isn't going to solve the issues. Like with any crime, you should try to get to the source of why such activities can become so addicting.
Don't fight the problem. Prevent it. - Yago.vieyra [January 13, 2010]

gambling should be illegal because many people spend all their money on gambling their wages and stuff so it causes trouble in many peoples lives and also families i experienced it my self as my mums ex boyfriend used to gamble a lot and he spent his wage on gambling giving us stress because then there was no money to pay the rent and stuff. - Alex Pletea [December 11, 2009]

Gambling should be illegal. Not only does it adversely affect our economy, but it tears up families and ruins lives. Gambling truly is an addiction and should not be supported. - Bridget [October 20, 2009]

There's a quote that says something like "If you can't spend your money irrationally or irresponsibly, then you're not really free at all". What about freedom? - John [June 20, 2009]

i think it should be legal - gloria [February 27, 2009]

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