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Police racial profiling essays

Racial Profiling: Useful or Harmful?
When enforcers of the law go about their jobs they use many techniques to decrease their suspect pools, one of the most controversial techniques officers use is racial profiling. People believe racial profiling causes police distrust and at the same time encourages “fishing expeditions”. When should officers be allowed to use racial profiling, and when shouldn’t they? The most common use of racial profiling is in traffic stops, but this is one area racial profiling should not be practices by enforcers of the law. Most of the data collected for purposes of racial profiling reporting is based on traffic stops (Del Carmen 41). A downside to racial profiling is that it discourages African Americans from traveling and working in white neighborhoods, especially at night (Lever 9). The states effort to address racial profiling by police (stopping someone solely because of race/ethnicity) is a textbook example of why people become cynical about the government (Courant 1). Lobe says “Prior to 9/11 racial profiling was referred to as ‘driving while black’ now the practice can be more accurately described as driving, flying, walking, shopping, worshipping, or staying at home while black, brown, red, yellow, Muslim, or of middle eastern appearance (2). Therefore, police officers using racial profiling as a factor in traffic stops should not be allowed.

When officers investigate crimes being committed, they try to lessen their suspect pool by using racial profiling. The controversy over whether if that should be allowed is based on the more broad or narrow definitions, the narrow definition of racial profiling is any police action such as an arrest, search, contact, or detention which was solely based on the person’s ethnicity/ race rather than on the individual’s behavior. But the broader definition of racial profiling states that race/ ethnicity are just two of many elements used when determining who to detain, question, arrest or.

Racialprofiling has become a prominent issue in America. After the incident with Rodney King, more emphasis has been placed on profiling . According to news reports, Rodney King was driving down the street in his hometown of L.A. when several police officers stopped him solely of the color of his skin. There are many conflicting reports that state he was speeding doing about 100 mph before they stopped him. When he was stopped, he was pulled out of.

Against RacialProfiling and/or other forms of profiling in dealing with security and immigration issues. Group Members: Shay, Bryce, Brandon, Ariana Opening Argument Main Argument: Racialprofiling is defined as the discriminatory practice by law enforcement officials of targeting individuals for suspicion of crime based on the individual's race, ethnicity, religion or national origin by the American civil.

RacialProfilingRacialprofiling occurs too often amongst Muslims. They have been the scapegoats of America ever since terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. As each new terrorist threat occurs, Muslims are feared more. This fear is based upon stereotypes and implies that Muslims are dangerous people and can lead to unjust acts by Americans. When racialprofiling is being.

RacialProfiling The definition of racialprofiling is prejudging someone by their ethnicity or racial profile based on the stereotypes that an ethnic group may carry. Racialprofiling acknowledgement in America has grown rapidly over time and has really been on the rise since the September 11, 2001 bombings of the Twin Towers in New York City and of the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia.

controversial. One of the many ways the problem manifests itself is the practice of racialprofiling . which is “any arbitrary police-initiated action based on race, ethnicity, or natural origin rather than a person’s behavior.”1 In an attempt to fight the war on drugs, or, more recently, on terrorism, federal and local governments are searching for more effective policies, which can have unintended racial consequences. Racial .

 Course: English 1114 Date: 8/4/13 RacialProfiling . Useful or Harmful? Racialprofiling has once again been thrust into the headlines with the recent trial of George Zimmerman for the shooting of Trayvon Martin. This is not a new issue but it seems more divisive than ever. Does racialprofiling exist? Yes it does. Is it justified? Several factors are significant in the justification of this issue.

equal protection of the laws.” Racialprofiling is based on unequal protection by definition. Racialprofiling is the assumption of criminality among ethnic groups. It clearly violates the phrase “innocent until proven guilty.” Racialprofiling is an ineffective an degrading practice that violates human rights. “RacialProfiling is a violation of our constitutional and.

Running head: RACIALPROFILINGRacialProfiling . Are we Fighting it the Right Way? RacialProfiling . Are we Fighting it the Right Way? I would like to talk about an issue that is plaguing our community today and making the job of a Police Officer even more difficult than it already is. All for one reason, statistics. Racialprofiling to me is a lot like any other problem.

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