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Red bull energy drink essay

Why is Red Bull one of the most successful energy drinks in the world?

Your essay must explain how and why Red Bull has selected their target market, positioned their product and created a brand that supports their positioning.

Red bull is an energy drink; a functional beverage that claims to “give you wings!” It certainly worked for Dieter Mateschitz and Chaelo Yoovidhya, the creators of Red Bull, who have soared into the shared position number 208 on the Forbes list of richest billionaires of 2010 with individual net worths of $4.1 billion self created between the launch date in 1987 and today. So what is it that has made Red Bull one of the most successful energy drinks in the world?

Designed to improve stamina, the ingredients of Red Bull boost performance by increasing alertness, concentration and reaction speed, making it the perfect supplement for periods of heightened physical pressure and mental stress. (Simpson J & B Dore, 2008).

The drink is a variant of Yoovidhya’s Krating Daeng, a tonic discovered by Mateschitz who was awed by its powerful effect on reducing his jetlag post travel to the Far East. Mateschitz had experienced nothing as effective in the Western market and saw huge potential for a more palatable version amongst the Westerners, who needed more than one of the few existing sports energy drinks to help relieve them of the symptoms of a busy lifestyle. In 2006 it was recorded that more than three million Red Bull’s were consumed worldwide! (Simpson J & B Dore, 2008).

So who is it that consumes these drinks? Red Bull is targeted at three main groups of people: the sporty, the party-animals, and the workers, each seeking the benefits of endurance that Red Bull provides in their individual disciplines. With a funky can design and an extreme promotional strategy, Red Bull has been.

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