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Silence in night essay

Hillary Clinton supporter Lena Dunham posted an essay on her Lenny web site, detailing how she suffered through election night. Among the highlights/horrors:

I woke up on Election Day like a bride: rosy, thrilled, a little controlling about just how MY perfect day would be spent. After working on the Clinton campaign for eighteen months, I was ready to celebrate, and sure that by nightfall I’d be knocking back glasses of champagne and creating a story to tell my unborn children. Maybe I’d even get close enough to Hillary Clinton to hug her, to whisper “Thank you.” I had dreamed about it every night for the last two weeks.

The three hours I spent at the Javits Center Tuesday night, surrounded by campaign staffers and fellow surrogates for Hillary Clinton, are blurred and spotty. At a certain point it became clear something had gone horribly wrong. Celebrants’ faces turned. The modeling had been incorrect. Watching the numbers in Florida, I touched my face and realized I was crying. “Can we please go home?” I said to my boyfriend. I could tell he was having trouble breathing, and I could feel my chin breaking into hives.

By the time we’d made it over the bridge, a friend called. “It’s over,” she said. “I love you.” I was frozen. We stopped at the diner. No one was speaking as they ate, no one in the whole place.

Her essay ends with a call to action, saying, “We’ve been radicalized and therefore we’ve been deputized to do our parts. What that means will become clearer over the coming months, and we will all have to use the tools we have to speak for ourselves, but moreover speak for the voiceless, the people who can’t demand change for fear of very real and violent losses. Those who are gagged by the system Donald Trump proposes.”

A couple weeks ago The Orchard said it was teaming with producer Jeff Deutchman on Election Day documentary 11/8/16 . with Girls creator Dunham among the names tapped to direct. Dunham was to follow a varied group of American citizens from across the country as they set out on the morning of the election, throughout the course of the day, until the polls close in the evening and the results are revealed. Results of that docu would be released next year. Which likely means after Trump is sworn in as our 45th POTUS.

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