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Sophistication definition essay

pompous, grandiloquent, turgid, florid, grandiose. Bombastic, flowery, pretentious, verbose all describe a use or a user of language more elaborate than is justified by or appropriate to the content being expressed. Bombastic suggests language with a theatricality or staginess of style far too powerful or declamatory for the meaning or sentiment being expressed: a bombastic sermon on the evils of cardplaying. Flowery describes language filled with extravagant images and ornate expressions: a flowery eulogy. Pretentious refers specifically to language that is purposely inflated in an effort to impress: a pretentious essay designed to demonstrate one's sophistication. Verbose characterizes utterances or speakers that use more words than necessary to express an idea: a verbose speech, speaker.

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Outside the polling stations, men talked in bombastic terms about freedom and democracy.

The Pulitzer-winning playwright behind August: Osage County (and its film adaptation), plays a bombastic senator on Homeland.

He never pounded the drums with bombastic fury, because he never needed to rely on such an easy way to move people.

Of course, the bombastic president of Iran is still very much alive.

As one friend remarked, when I confessed that I liked Wagner, “Megan has an unusually high tolerance for bombastic swill”.

They say that he lacked inspiration, and was vulgar, bombastic. and grandiloquent.

Besides all which, even the report of his wealth seemed to him, he said, bombastic nonsense.

Lola and I never spoke of him without pain; for in spite of his crazy and bombastic oddities, he had qualities that were lovable.

His language in those telegrams and letters was highfaluting and bombastic.

He was a graduate of Edinburgh, wrote in a bombastic style, and possessed a great fluency of elocution.

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