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Violence in media should be censored essay

  • Relationship with the Media
    • The different forms of the media
    • The influence of the media
    • Portrayal of Christianity in the media
    • Portrayal of important religious figures
    • Responses and attitudes towards films which focus on religious/philosophical messages
    • Responses and attitudes towards books and comics which focus on religious/ philosophical messages
  • Use of the Media
    • Using the media to represent Christianity
    • To educate both Christians and non-Christians
  • Censorship/Freedom of Speech
    • Concept of censorship and freedom of speech
    • Beliefs and attitudes towards the portrayal of violence and sex
    • Attitudes and responses to issues raised by freedom of speech
  • What is censorship?
  • Give one example of a form of the media
  • What is meant by the term freedom of speech?
  • What is meant by the term 'media'?
  • Give two ways in which Christianity might be portrayed in the media
    • (i) Give one example of censorship
    • (ii) Give one reason Christians might approve of censorship
  • List two Christian figures that might be shown in the media
  • Give two ways in which Christians might use the media to raise awareness of their religion
  • Suggest why Christians might want the media to be censored [3]
  • Describe what Christians might think about the portrayal of sex in the media [3]
  • Describe why freedom of speech might be important to Christians
  • List three reasons why Christians might object to religious figure being shown on TV
  • Explain Christian attitudes towards the portrayal of religious figures in the media [6]
  • Explain Christian attitudes towards using the media to teach about Christianity [6]
  • Explain how Christians might respond to the way violence is shown in the media
  • Explain Christian attitudes towards the issues raised by censorship
  • "Films about Jesus are the best way to teach people about Christianity." Discuss this statement
  • "Sex should never be shown on TV." Discuss this statement
  • "Religious figures should not be portrayed in films." Discuss this statement
  • "The media does not treat Christianity with respect." Discuss this statement
  • Media
  • Portrayal
  • Religious message
  • Philosophical message
  • Censorship
  • Freedom of speech

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