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Vs women essay

Usually when I go shopping with a female I become frustrated in short order. Women aren't very quick shoppers men usually are. Women on the other hand seem less decisive when shopping; they seem to enjoy spending hours walking around in the shopping mall under the glow of fluorescent lighting. A woman may shop for what seems like an eternity for the man waiting, as she browses, your mind starts to wander. The flicker of the fluorescent lights hypnotizes you while you wait patiently for her to make up her mind. This has taught me that men and women have a very difficult time shopping together.

I believe that many of these differences between men and women can be traced back to childhood. When growing up little boys were not as interested in shopping as little girls, that's because fathers are not apt to take their kids shopping. Men bond by doing other activities such as sports, working on cars, and camping or fishing rather than shopping. Men are much more decisive when shopping; we don't like to shop for any great length of time. We know exactly what we want, we go out to buy it, then we go home and use it. Men tend to enjoy doing, more then looking. To save time, and for convenience, a number of men prefer to shop on the Internet or by catalog. Men mainly shop to replace an item; we usually buy the same item or an upgrade of that item. Men are efficient shoppers.

Most women like to shop, so consequently mothers start training little girls to shop at a young age. For some women shopping is a bonding experience. Also it's fairly well accepted that women enjoy having many different outfits. They need a summer set of clothes, a fall line of clothes, and so on. Women have some driving need to dress appropriately for each season of the year. If a person were not wealthy they would need to shop often to find clothes on sale, to accommodate their budget. Women aren't decisive shoppers, I don't understand this phenomenon, but I will use it for an example.

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