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Wakley prize essay

In this fascinating read, Corry Chapman explores the plight of serving on a resource depleted medical facility in the heart of the Nuba Mountains in the war ravaged country of Sudan. In a touching narrative, he goes on to explain how he sees Dr. Tom Catena serve the people even in the face of extreme adversity. The good doctor has been there since the inaugural days of the establishment and Cory wonders at the resourcefulness of the doctor at handling the resource stripped hospital with aplomb.

He goes on to describe in close details how he assisted Dr. Catena in repairing a life impairing cephalocele in an infant. The account is really engaging and is a wonderful read. Indeed, one tends to wonder, as the author does at the end of the essay, what keeps a doctor of the calibre of Dr. Catena lie in the outskirts of civilisation, constantly living in fear of wars, civil unrest, malaria, unpalatable food, unbearable heat, nightmarish remunerations and a pauperish lifestyle, when he could have easily gone into the health system in the USA and specialised and had gone on to earn a fat purse, and yet even as Sudan faces another civil war to decide whether it stays a single country or breas up into North and South, Dr. Catena chooses to stay and serve.

A deserving article, this indeed is a pleasurable read. The article can be excavated using the citation link above or the doi.

And I consider passing on the bit of information which rounds off the article:

Physicians interested in working with Dr Catena in central Sudan should contact Hellen Mwangangi at hellen@doe.co.ke. Long-term commitments of 6 months or longer are preferred, but any help would be welcome.

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